Cherryish Body Scrub from Lush

Cherryish Body Scrub

The Cherryish Body Scrub is a brand new Lush product from the 2018 Valentine’s range. Although it has been labeled up as a body scrub, it is in fact the perfect mix of both a body scrub and a moisturising body butter. It does a brilliant job at both hydrating and exfoliating your skin ALL at the same time. Containing a long list of skin loving ingredients, Cherryish has gone down a storm within the Lush Community.

Last year Lush released a similar product to Cherryish called the Scrubee body butter. Scrubee was a hugely successful product, I can see exactly why Lush decided to create more just like it.

I admit that when I first see the Cherryish I wasn’t sure on it but once I had tried it, I knew it was going to be yet another best seller. Currently there is a rumour bouncing around that the Cherryish body scrub won’t be retiring once the Valentine period ends, instead it will stay on as a permanent product just as Scrubee did last year. I have my fingers crossed that it does stay!

Cherryish is jam packed full of skin soothingly fabulous ingredients. When I say jam packed I really do mean jam packed. it’s hard to believe that so many ingredients are in this gorgeous body scrub. The main ingredient is the fair trade cocoa butter and alongside that, Cherryish also includes, almond oil, coconut oil, fresh apple pulp, vegan white chocolate, sea salt, dried cherries and ground cherry stones too. It really is a ‘chocolate and cherry delight’, the cocoa butter soothes the skin while the ground cherry stones exfoliate the skin.

I love how gentle Cherryish is on your skin, its level of gentleness doesn’t compromise on how well it scrubs and buffs your skin either. This is a huge bonus for those, like me, who have sensitive skin. Every ingredient that is in Cherryish has been chosen for a reason and this shows during use.

Cherryish fits into your hand perfectly, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it got to work too. With minimum effort I was moisturising and exfoliating my skin in no time at all. I didn’t have to lather it up, it just started working as soon as I started to rub it onto my wet skin.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like Cherryish at first purely because it was a ‘cherry’ product, I’m not a huge fan of cherries but the Cherryish body scrub has changed my perspective. (That and the cherry drop sweets!). I have never got on with any other cherry based Lush product so Cherryish was a more than welcome surprise. I would go as far as to say that I like the Cherryish body scrub much more than I do the Scrubee body butter. This, I did not expect at all.

My most favourite thing about Cherryish is that it isn’t anywhere near as greasy as other body scrubs and butters that I have used before now. Cherryish soaks in to your skin very quickly while also keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and not at all clammy. Clean up after using Cherryish is also effortless. A quick rinse and all of the debris (not that you get much) rinses away.

After use, my skin looked and felt velvet like and did so for the next 3 to 4 days. Cherryish has a soft cherry fragrance, with a hint of sugar sweetness which I am guessing is the white chocolate. The chocolate element of it wasn’t at all apparent to me until I started using it, wow is the first word that sprang to my mind. Its scent is subtle but lasts, I could still identify it on my skin the next day which is rare for a Lush product that has such a gentle scent. I totally recommend Cherryish, for newbie Lushies or long-time Lushies, it’s sure to impress everyone!

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Rump Bottom Rub from Lush

Rump Bottom Rub

The Rump Bottom Rub was first released as a Lush Summit exclusive back in February 2017, this Summer it became a part of Lush UK’s regular line giving me and many others the opportunity to give it a go too.

First things first, I guess I should explain what Rump bottom rub is all about. A big clue is its name, obviously bottom rub is primarily a cream you put on your bum, Rumps purpose is however more than just a moisturiser for your butt. Rump bottom rub was designed with athletes in mind, its label reads, ‘Ideal for cyclists, runners and all who experience resistance where there should be ease and harmony.’

Although with me being in a wheelchair there’s no risk of me running the marathon or joining in with any cycling events anytime soon it’s labelled as a product that will ‘make your derrière great again,’ I couldn’t help but buy myself a tub based just on that line.

Rump Bottom Rub 2

Rump is a thick orange creamy formula with a pinch of gold lustre on its top, as mentioned above, this rub was designed with athletes in mind and I have found it particularly useful when trying to slip my swimming costume on and off for my hydro sessions. A quick rub down of this cream on my thighs also helps me slip my leggings back on which is something I really struggle with after hydro as all my muscles seize up once I am out of the warm water.

Unfortunately my hydro sessions don’t happen anymore as somebody high up and clueless closed down my local hydro pool. It’s had a really bad effect on me physically but at least I can still use this cream on my bum, thighs and legs, it gives me a little confidence which is something I lack.

Rump contains cupuacu butter, aloe vera and avocado butter, all 3 of these ingredients have skin conditioning properties and are very effective ingredients for the cooling and soothing of the skin. Although I haven’t noticed much of a difference on my stretch marks my surrounding skin does feel much softer to the touch. This bottom rub also contains caffeine, I am sensitive to caffeine so have been conscious in regards to how much of this rub I put on myself. After frequent use, (little but often) my ‘derrière’ is noticeably firmer which pleases me to no end, I feel more comfortable with the idea of me being in a swimming costume for my upcoming honeymoon now too.


Rumps scent is a very gentle one, the chamomile in it is probably the easiest of its ingredients to identify, the added extra of rose water and oil gives it a floral edge although much like the Sex Bomb bath bomb it’s a younger floral fragrance that doesn’t leave you smelling like your nan’s prized handkerchief.

Overall I am really satisfied with this product, although the only opportunity I have had to test it for athletic reasons is in my hydro sessions, it did make a difference for me in regards to swimming costume chaffing… I can’t believe I just wrote that online for the world to see, but I promised to always be honest when I started this blog.

Rump will be coming with me on my honeymoon, I imagine because of its ingredients it will be a great product to apply after a day in the sun. I love Rump, at first I honestly thought it was just a novelty product but its effects have impressed me far beyond my original expectations.

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Scrubee Body Butter from Lush

The Scrubee Body Butter has made its way on to my list of favourite, top 3 products from Lush’s 2017 Mother’s Day range. Scrubee is quite the product, it’s the perfect mix of both a body butter and exfoliator. It does a brilliant job at both hydrating and exfoliating your skin ALL at the same time.

I love a versatile product and this is why I hold Scrubee with such high regards. Containing plenty of soothing, antiseptic honey and creamy cocoa butter, Scrubee is an incredibly hydrating product that leaves your skin soft, hydrated and perfectly polished for days.

Scrubee also contains ground coconut shells and almonds, these have been added alongside the honey and cocoa to not only hydrate and soften skin but to gently exfoliate your skin too. Its scent is very similar to products with the Honey I Washed the Kids scent it however isn’t quite the same. There’s something a little bit more chocolatey about it than in products such as the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.


A little bit of the Scrubee body butter goes a very long way, upon my first use I overindulged way too much and as fabulous as my skin felt it was just a very obvious waste of product. Now, a quick rub of it on my arms, legs and torso suffices. I’ve used some of Lush’s solid exfoliating products before and they are great but they rarely last past 2 uses. My Scrubee is on use 5 now and it doesn’t look much different at all, it is only a tiny bit smaller from use, there’s plenty of it left yet.

Do make sure you leave it somewhere it can dry off properly though, being constantly wet will stop it from lasting as long.

I am really pleased with the Scrubee body butter, it suits my skin so well, it actually feels like it was made for me. I will be so sad to see these go once Mother’s Day 2017 is over, I however have 2 in my storage until and if they both last as long as my first one has I don’t need to worry about living without it for quite some time!

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