NEW SHAPE Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb from Lush

I’ve been asked several times now if the new shaped Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb is any different from the older one (found here).

I wasn’t going to review it as the changes really are purely decorative but the more, I get asked the more I think, I’ll just do a post on it!

The new shaped Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb is the exact same ingredients, scent, and everything else as the previous one, the only difference is that Ickle Baby Bot now has a big belly, something I am guilty of getting myself over the years… 😉

Ickle Baby Bot’s new look is just as adorable as before and was redesigned still with children still in mind. It contains lavender, chamomile and sandalwood oil which is the perfect recipe to prepare you or your little ones for a great night’s sleep.

The Ickle Baby Bot has a very gentle formula and because of this was one of the first Lush products that I ever tried. I was told that it was suitable for babies from 6 months plus. Feeling safe with this knowledge, I figured that Ickle Baby Bot was a good first product choice for myself when I first got into Lush.

Ickle Baby Bot is a miniature sized, robot shaped, pastel-blue coloured bath bomb. As I said above it was designed with kids in mind and is desirable to both boys and girls.

I do not dislike the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, but I do prefer the alternative lavender-based bath bombs that are a bit more theatrical in the bathtub. I popped my very first Ickle Baby Bot into my bath then went straight to the toilet. Before I came back to it, it had already fizzled away.

As it is a smaller sized bath bomb, I wasn’t too surprised by this. Pushing bath time theatrics aside, I love how quick, simple, and effective the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb is. Sometimes you just want to get on with your bath, making Ickle Baby Bot a popular choice for people pushed for time.

It really all depends on what you want out of the bath bomb you’re about to use. If a quick fix is what you’re after Ickle Baby Bot is a good choice.

An Ickle Baby Bot bath is perfect for the night-time. It can be made even better if paired up with the Sleepy shower gel and/or the Twilight bath bomb.

I love lavender and how versatile it is as an herb. It makes Ickle Baby Bot the perfect bath time buddy for winding down and clearing your head of any stress.

Being one of the cheapest bath bombs currently on offer, Ickle Baby Bot though very small remains a very popular bath bomb.

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