Gummy Bear Shower Jelly from Lush

The Gummy Bear Shower Jelly is a brand-new, limited-edition, Easter product that first became available in the UK at the start of March 2022. Designed to look just like the bear shaped sweets adored by children and adults alike, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pot.

Gummy Bear is a fairly small 85g, bright orange shower jelly. It fits perfectly in my hand making it very easy to use.

The Gummy Bear shower jelly contains coconut milk, fresh mango juice and the following essential oils, buchu, cardamom, litsea cubeba and sweet wild orange. Its scent is new to Lush too, it smells of a strong, tropical-fruit-cocktail with a super-sugary sweet twist.

It’s a very punchy and heavy scent, if you like the bolder Lush-scent families, I’d recommend giving the Gummy Bear shower jelly a try.

With Gummy Bear being a character shaped shower jelly, I was hesitant to use it at first as unfortunately I find more often than not, that the character shaped jellies aren’t always as sturdy and robust as the normal pot shaped ones.

As predicted, Gummy Bear did begin to fall apart after just a few uses. However, I realised I’d rather use it and lose it than not use it at all! So far, I’ve used it 4 times and although it is showing wear and tear, there’s plenty more to go around yet.

There is no right or wrong way to use a shower jelly, I prefer to use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap, whole. Some people however chop their shower jellies up using a few pieces at a time – a good method if you’re sharing it with someone else.

If you do keep it whole, as I mentioned above, the Gummy Bear shower jelly is just the right size to fit snuggly in your hand. It is a lot easier to keep a hold of in the shower being this size. Once you’ve used it simply rinse it off and then pop it back into the pot until you next want to use it.

The Gummy Bear shower jelly lathers up quickly and creates a super creamy, almost-milky foam. A little goes a long way and glides over your skin easily.

As I stated earlier its scent is strong. As soon as you take the pots lid off, you are hit with its fruity scent BUT in use it really comes alive. Mixed alongside the hot water and steam of the shower its scent literally engulfs your bathroom. It has a tartness to it that makes me think of fruit pastels and jelly babies.

After using the Gummy Bear shower jelly my skin feels soft, clean, and fresh, it also appears somewhat brighter. It isn’t hugely moisturising but doesn’t leave me desperate to coat myself in body lotion either.

Overall I have enjoyed using the Gummy Bears shower jelly, it’s not my favourite from this year’s Easter line but I can see it selling quite well.

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Author: Lulu

Hello, my name is Lulu and I am a 33 year old with a very unhealthy obsession with Lush Cosmetics. I mostly blog about Lush but I also do posts that touch upon disability, mental health and invisible illnesses on various other social media platforms. If you can read this then I guess I should thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you again soon! :)

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