Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub from Lush

The Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub is brand new to Lush and the first of many products that I’m hoping to review on my blog in 2021!

As a huge fan of watermelon the first thing I noticed about the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub was how much it really does smell just like a bowl full of mouth-wateringly-refreshing watermelon.

The main ingredient in Lush’s lip scrubs is caster sugar. To this day I am still amazed that such a simple blend of natural ingredients can do such a thorough, yet gentle job of exfoliating your lips without drying them out.

Using Lush lip scrubs requires the minimum amount of effort. They cover everything your lips need to always look their best. They are the perfect product to exfoliate dry, chapped lips and are also very good at softening and hydrating them at the same time.

Exfoliating your lips has never been easier (or tastier) thanks to Lush!

As well as caster sugar the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub also contains maple butter and organic jojoba, oat kernel, watermelon seed, bergamot and rose oils.

Like the Unicorn and Toffee Apple lip scrubs, Watermelon Sugar has 2 different colours in the one pot. The top layer is a pinky-red and the bottom layer is lime green.

As far as I am aware, unlike the Unicorn and Toffee Apple lip scrubs BOTH layers of Watermelon Sugar smell and taste exactly the same, the different colours being the only difference between the 2.

The one thing I strangely have to point out in every lip scrub review that I write is that Lush lip scrubs aren’t food. Although, when using the scrub if a little of the mixture does end up in your mouth, there really is no need to panic.

Taste-wise, the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub reminds me of something I like to drink when I’m on a sunny holiday, sour-lime watermelon juice, but again, it’s not sold as a product you eat. *Please do not email me asking how many calories it is per pot.* 😂 IT’S A LIP SCRUB!

A little of the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub goes a very long way. Consistency wise, I’d say that the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub is one of Lush’s most gentle to date. Its less-coarse formula actually works really well.

Its finer consistency really helps the exfoliation process, I’m not entirely sure on how it works but it seems that the smaller the sugar grains the quicker and smoother my lips become after use.

While I still recommend using a lip balm after using the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub it is one of the most hydrating of Lush’s lip scrubs to date. I’m guessing that this is because of the organic jojoba oil and maple butter within it.

I find a lot of Watermelon scented products (outside of Lush) can smell really artificial, with this in mind I was pleasantly surprised that the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub smelt just like Watermelon and sweet, sweet sugar.

Am I impressed with the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub? YES! It ticks all of the boxes on what I like a lip scrub to be. It smells beautiful, tastes great and leaves my lips soft and buffed, It’s the perfect product to use to prepare your lips before applying a lip stick or gloss.

I would love to see more Lush products made with the new Watermelon Sugar fragrance.

As I said earlier, it’s very difficult to find Watermelon scented products that don’t smell artificial, Lush seem to have however mastered the fragrance with Watermelon Sugar. It’s mouth-wateringly refreshing and I just can’t get enough! 😊🍉

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