Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb from Lush

Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Lush have really pushed their giant sized bath bombs over the past 18 months. I was over the moon when the news broke that Lush’s 2017 Winter line included a giant version of the Golden Wonder bath bomb. The Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb’s Lush-scent-family is one of my all time favourites, Celebrate. Often compared to Champagne the more I sniff any of the Celebrate scented products, the more in love with them I fall.

The Celebrate scent is warm, inviting and impossible to resist. Containing sweet orange, lime and cognac oil the Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb smells to me, just like Christmas. I can’t help but always subconsciously associate the two together. Everything about the Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb is the same as it’s smaller version. It has simply just been made in to a much bigger quantity.

As well as smelling absolutely amazing, the Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb puts on a fantastic show from the very first second it comes into contact with your bath water. With it being so much bigger than the original, ordinary sized bath bomb, it means that there’s five times the amount of biodegradable-paper-stars hidden inside of it as well as a shed load more secret bursts-of-colour.

The photographs I got of the Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb in action below do it no justice at all. The very first time I used the smaller version I was blown away with not just the scent but the bath art it created too. I knew the giant version of it would be spectacular but it honestly took my breath away. To this day I still haven’t captured any photos that I feel worthy of showing a Golden Wonders full potential. Out of all of the bath bombs I have tried over the years Golden Wonder is still the one I will always remember as giving one of the best surprises upon first use. The giant version of this bath bomb was quite literally the best bath I have ever, ever had.


My skin during and after (for the next 3 or 4 days) felt fabulous after using the Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb. The bath water it creates feels softer than silk, if my skin could speak it would demand me to use this giant bath bomb over and over on a weekly basis. The price tag for the Giant Golden Wonder is quite expensive (£12.95 as of December 2017) I therefore only allowed myself to purchase the one, at first I felt a bit guilty but after I used it I realised it was worth every penny. I’d have loved to have ordered a few more but as many of you can appreciate, it is the kind of product you only ever indulge in the once, if at all.

I actually saved my one Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb to use in our brand new bathtub. It felt like an eternity but after several months our bathroom was finally finished early December and the Giant Golden Wonder was the first product to go in it. What a perfect first bath it was too!


Overall I am super impressed with this bath bomb, it is by far the best of the giant bath bombs Lush have made to date. Yes, it is an expensive product but it takes 3 whole days to make and it is also super sized. I only got the one, I was very tempted to grab more in the Oxford Street 50% off sale but I didn’t.

It was definitely an over indulgent purchase for myself of the highest degree BUT after using it I can safely say it was the best £12.95 I have ever spent. Great job Lush!

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Author: Lulu

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