Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb from Lush

Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb.pngI could be wrong but I think the Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb was the first that I ever bought from the Lush Kitchen. My memory is a little hazy, if it wasn’t my very first, Ne Worry Pas was definitely one of the first three. Containing a mixture of bergamot, cedarwood and jasmine oil, the Ne Worry Pas bath bomb is the perfect product if you are looking to settle a restless mind. It is one of the best combinations of ingredients for calming your nerves and uplifting your spirits.

I know a lot of people tend to ignore the white bath bombs because there are much more colourful options available, I however always go for them first. The So White bath bomb is a perfect example of one of the plainer and/or white bath bombs that aren’t what people expect on first appearance. When they revamped it last year (2016) I was in shock at how it turned out once in the bath. Bath bombs are very often not what we expect so I always tell people to give a product a try at least once.

The crisp white bath bombs are just super appealing to me. Maybe it’s how clean and refreshing they appear.

My favourite thing about the Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb is its design and the story behind it. Looking at the above photograph anyone who hasn’t seen this particular bath bomb before will be wondering what the single, purple hole is all about.

The hole in this bath bomb is called the ‘Violet Keyhole’, the idea behind it is that you whisper your worries into the hole just before placing the Ne Worry Pas into the water. Once it is in the water you are expected to lie back, shut your eyes and relax, soaking in the blissful peace and quiet while your worries dissolve away with the bath bomb.

The very first time I tried this product, I kept the idea behind the product in my mind. I wasn’t expecting a big and colourful surprise or fantastic bath art and I did exactly as I was told, lie back, shut your eyes and relax. I really did feel better in myself by the time the bath bomb had dissolved.

Once the bath bomb has dissolved you are left with silky-soft, ivory water that leaves your skin velvety smooth and perfectly nourished. Although the Ne Worry Pas bath bomb is a very fast fizzer and doesn’t put much of a visual show on, it was the first bath bomb that made me realise that bath bombs can do so much more than change the colour of your bath water.

I have learnt over time that sometimes the bath bombs that lack colour and a visual show have wonderful hidden benefits. Until I did a little research on how Lush invented the bath bomb back in 1989, I had no idea that it was stemmed from ideas on how to practice aromatherapy at home safely. Once I learnt this I started to pay attention to each and every bath bombs ingredients and it has changed my life for the better.

Not only does a soak in a Ne Pas Worry bath help lull me into a calmer state of mind but it also soothes my skin. It’s light scent is also very good for defeating tension headaches, especially when paired with the Ultraviolet or Baa Bar bubble bars.

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