Here Comes the Sun Naked Shower Cream from Lush

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The Here Comes the Sun Naked Shower Cream has followed in the footsteps of the Tender is the Night naked shower cream; It is the second packageless ‘naked’ shower cream, (third if you include the naked shower gel, Antiope) that Lush have dared to only release in a naked form. Finding an alternative to plastic bottled up shower gel is a brilliant idea, through the exploration and inventing of packageless products Lush are proving that plastic packaging for cosmetics isn’t the only manufacturing and distribution route we can follow now and in the future.

I have stated in all of my previous reviews of the naked shower products that I wholeheartedly miss the bottled seasonal gels and creams. I know in my heart that plastic is actually just a luxury and that making and using it in such huge quantities does more bad than good to the world BUT if Lush are going to take away the option of bottled shower creams and gels, then the naked equivalent should be just as good as the bottled type, if not better.

Whatever you believe in regards to the naked Lush products, we can all agree that this ‘naked’ step is a small yet positive step in the right direction of helping save the planet we live on. When it came down to the Tender is the Night naked shower cream from this years (2018) Valentine’s line, I found no faults in it whatsoever. At first I was apprehensive to try it, worrying that it wouldn’t work as well as the bottled shower creams, it however did. Even without a bottled equivalent to compare it with I was very happy with it. I therefore grabbed a Here Comes the Sun naked shower cream without any hesitation.

A part of 2018’s Easter line, the Here Comes the Sun naked shower cream is a member of the Brightside scent family. Although I don’t think this naked shower cream smells just like the Brightside bubble bar it’s close enough to recognise. In the shops the Here Comes the Sun naked shower cream appears red, once you start to use it, it however lightens up, the bright orange colour that I expected from a Brightside product soon shines through.

In use, I found that the Here Comes the Sun naked shower cream lathered up fairly quickly. It however wasn’t the type of lather I like or look for in a shower cream. It was almost a gummy like consistency and very highly pigmented, my skin was a bright shade of carrot orange! although I didn’t panic (it rinsed off just as easily as it went on) I even tried it with warmer water. Again, it was lathering but not in the same way as the Tender is the Night naked shower cream had. Since then, I have tried it several more times and it just isn’t anywhere on par performance wise as the Tender is the Night is.

Scent wise during use I am however very impressed. Once you have it in the shower the Brightside element of the Here Comes the Sun naked shower cream really comes through, its citrus fragrance is a warm and much needed reminder that Spring and Summer are very nearly here… All in all, I am sad to say I am very underwhelmed by the Here Comes the Sun naked shower cream, it was a product I couldn’t wait to use because of how well I had got on with the Tender is the Night naked shower cream.

I didn’t find that its scent stayed on my skin once out of the shower either, luckily I have some Brightside body lotion left over from before the Lush Kitchen closed so that helped carry the scent on further. Everything else aside, I found this naked shower cream really messy too. I hate to write a negative review but I always promise to be honest and unfortunately for a number of reasons I didn’t enjoy Here Comes the Sun, I’d be very interested in maybe trying a bottled, liquid version of it though… Hint, hint Lush!

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Author: Lulu

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