Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar from Lush

Lush’s Mother’s Day 2017 range contains 4 bubble bars, 3 of which are brand new, never before been released. The Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar is the biggest of the 4 and anyone who has read my previous reviews on the larger sized bubble bars know that I like nothing better!

The first thing you notice about the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar is its bright, bold and beautiful colours. My inner 6 year old rejoices at the combination of pink, yellow and blue. Sharing its scent with the Frozen bath bomb I knew before I’d even got hold of one that it had great potential, no pressure Lush…

Size wise it’s just a little smaller than the giant bubble bars such as The Comforter or Brightside. I would actually love to see further giant bubble bars become staple store products as they are what originally got me hooked on Lush Cosmetics.


I mentioned above that the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar was a part of the Frozen scent family. Lush Cosmetics master scents. Once a scent is mastered, over a very long period of time (sometimes years) they create an abundance of products that share that mastered scent. This is where the Lush term ‘scent family’ comes from, if a product shares the same scent as another new or old one, it’s a part of that scent family.

The Frozen scent has proved extremely popular over the last 3 or 4 years and there has been a handful of products produced with its scent, my favourites being the bath bomb and Snowie bubble bar.

Although products share a scent, some may differ ever so slightly. I am first to admit that my nose isn’t up to much, I however feel that the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar is more alike to the Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioning hair perfume than the Frozen bath bomb. To me, it smells slightly sharper. Less fruity and more floral.

The smallest amount of the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar goes a very long way, this is a common feature to most Lush bubble bars and the main reason why I love them so much. Copious amounts of bubbles are created with just a few chunks, I can easily get 6 to 8 baths out of just one bubble bar. If you want both bubbles and brighter coloured water I however recommend using a little bit more, the more bubble bar you use the greener your water will be.

There is no right or wrong way to use a bubble bar, if you want to use a whole half of one for one bath then go for it, I tend to use as little as possible as I like to spread out my baths because I have a lot… I find that 9 out of 10 of the bubble bars are more than capable of being spread out.


A Your Mother Should Know bath leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and in better spirits. Even when you only use a small amount there are oodles of fluffy white bubbles, the bath water is also a great treat for your skin, it brightens, softens and makes it appear perfectly polished.

Overall I am very impressed with this bubble bar, it’s cost effective, has an uplifting fragrance and is more than pleasing on the eye with its bright colouring. I don’t think I love it in quite the same way as I do the Snowie bubble bar but I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the Frozen scent through yet another brand new Lush product.

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Author: Lulu

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