Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar from Lush

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar.pngThe scent of the Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar is a completely new one to me. There are several other products that share its scent I however just haven’t had the pleasure of using them yet.

After experiencing Ruby Red Slippers I am very, very eager to try the other products that share its scent, which kind of gives away how the rest of this review is going to go… SPOILER ALERT!

The Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar has a spicy yet gentle scent with a musky floral undertone. I feel it suits what people look for in a bath product for the Winter time perfectly. Me especially, anything with a bit of spice gets my vote when the weather is disgustingly cold.

Clearly inspired by the Wizard of Oz because, because, because, because, because it’s in the shape of a sparkly red slipper, I just simply couldn’t help but pick one up to try.

First and foremost I have to point out that the smallest chunk of Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar creates a more than generous amount of fluffy white bath bubbles.

If you’re worrying about value for money because of its smaller size in comparison to the larger bubble bars such as the Brightside or Comforter bubble bar, stop.

I love a bubble bar that can be shared out over several baths, using one whole Ruby Red Slippers would easily fill the whole of my bathroom with bubbles not just my bath tub.

Underneath the thick blanket of silky soft bubbles you will find the most dazzling shade of ruby red bath water.

The bubble bar softens the water a great deal and my winter abused skin relishes in it. It isn’t the most hydrating of bubble bars but unless you have super dry skin I can’t see it causing any problems.

I will be stocking up on these before the Winter is over, it works surprisingly well with the Fizzbanger bath bomb. I cannot recommend pairing the 2 enough!

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Author: Lulu

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