Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie from Lush

 Yog Log Roulade.pngLush’s Roulade Shower Smoothies do a very similar job to the Lush body conditioners such as Christingle or Snow Fairy. Lush describe them as ‘luxurious moisturisers for smooth, soft, and scented skin.’ They are however slightly more solid than the body conditioners and come pot free, stored in a biodegradable shrink wrap instead.

Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie is my very first ever Lush Roulade, I’ve had samples of others before but this is the first one that I have actually bought. It supposedly shares its scent with the Yog Nog bath bomb so I decided to give it a go.

I was so disappointed when I found out that the Yog Nog bath bomb wasn’t going to be a part of the regular Christmas line this year. It isn’t until you can’t get hold of something anymore that you realise how much you did in fact like it.

When I first got my 100g chunk of Yog Log I was a little disappointed by its scent, it has similarities to the Yog Nog bath bomb but it’s just not quite the same. Pushing this disappointment aside and looking at it as a brand new product, I was still keen to try it.


Seeing as this was my first ever Lush Roulade, I wasn’t really sure how best to use it. I’d seen demos of people grabbing the whole thing and lathering it all over themselves and I had also seen people cut theirs into portions, storing them in an old Lush pot.

I decided to portion out mine as I wanted it to last, I feared if I was to submerge it all in water that it would go out of date a lot quicker. I found this strange as I have the complete opposite attitude when it comes to the Lush shower jellies.

I think maybe I just feel that the roulades are creamier than the jellies and therefore have a shorter shelf life. I however have no idea if this is true as all Lush products are crafted to self preserve, using the whole thing could very well be an okay way to do it, I guess it just all boils down to personal preference.


Yog Log becomes workable very quickly, the heat of the water softens it turning it into a gentle and skin-soothing paste, massaging it gently into your skin is so relaxing.

The scent at this point really hits you too. Although it’s still not quite on par with the Yog Nog bath bombs scent I decided while using it that I really liked the product.

Once I have finished I hose myself down and pat myself dry with a towel. My skin smells just like biscuits and is so soft to touch. The scent doesn’t linger on your skin for very long but it stays healthy looking, bright and well hydrated.

I really hope there is a Yog Nog perfume in the Lush Kitchen next week as it’s the only one I didn’t manage to get last year and I’m seriously missing its scent.

Overall I am very impressed with the Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie. Now I have finally tried one I can’t wait to use a few of the others currently on offer!

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