Madame President Bath Bomb from Lush

Madame President Bath Bomb

The Madame President Bath Bomb was the product from Lush’s 2018 Mother’s Day line that I was first drawn to. It has vibrant and bold colours, one half of it is sky blue and the other a glorious hot pink. I also couldn’t help but ‘ooo!’ at the 4 brilliant-white-stars that are decorated on its blue half. To look at, it reminds me ever so slightly of the latest version of the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.

It wasn’t until I had the Madame President bath bomb in my hands that I realised the pink side of it was decorated with one, large gold star too. Discovering this made the bath artist in me just as nervous to use it as I was excited. I couldn’t wait to see what it did once placed in the bath water, I knew that it was of course going to be a really good show but I didn’t know what side to put in the water first? – a struggle I am sure a lot of Lushie’s have had with this bath bomb, especially if they like to take photos and not miss any bath art opportunities like me!

Just to clarify the stars in the Madame President bath bomb are not bath melts like the ones found in the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Which I guess could be a good or bad thing depending on how much you like star shaped, bath melts in your bath bombs… The similarities of the Madame President and Shoot for the Stars bath bombs are purely only decorational. All they share is a similar, star inspired design.

At first Madame Presidents scent really confused me. There were elements to it that I loved but also elements to it that I couldn’t quite work out. Once I had taken it away from all of the other Mother’s Day products it was a lot easier on my nose. The Madame President bath bomb is definitely one of those Lush products you need to sniff on its own before you decide if you like it or not.

Adding to that, even once I had the Madame President bath bomb on its own I still wasn’t sure if I liked its scent. It’s a brand new to me Lush-scent and quite different to what we are all used to from Lush. It’s sweet and sour like the Plum Rain shower gel but at the same time it’s also bitter like the Frozen bath bomb. The grapefruit in Madame President is probably the most prominent ingredient in it which is why it does have such a bitter-sweet odour. It’s a very unique, fruity Lush scent to say the least.

There are many Lush scents that I haven’t been sure upon at first, a good example of this would be the Intergalactic bath bomb. It wasn’t until I tried it that I realised how good it actually was, over time it has gone from a product I wasn’t very keen on at all to my most used bath bomb. This is why I always make sure I try a Lush product before I reach my final verdict on it. I am pleased to announce that Madame President was another product that followed in the footsteps of the Intergalactic bath bomb, I now really quite enjoy its scent, that and the beautiful bath art it creates!

The bath art that Madame President creates is remarkable, it is right up there with the,  The Experimenter bath bomb colour and pattern wise. My images in this post do not do the Madame Presidents bath bomb any justice at all, I recommend you have a look on Instagram and check out the hashtag #MadamePresidentBathBomb There are so many beautiful examples of how visually pleasing the Madame President bath bomb can be on there.

Once the Madame President bath bomb has fully dissolved you are left with dazzlingly-gorgeous, purple water decorated with a light sprinkling of golden shimmer. It creates one of those baths you never, ever want to get out of. Over all I am very impressed with the Madame President bath bomb, it went from a product I wasn’t at all sure about to one I adore in a flash. Please don’t let its initial, strange scent put you off, try it, you may very well grow to love it in the same way that I did.

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