White Noise Bath Bomb from Lush

You may or may not have seen that ASOS have started to sell Lush-bundle-giftsets. I’m not 100% sure as to why Lush have decided to partner with them from a sales angle but apart from the bath bomb that was included in June 2021’s Lush Kitchen Subscription box, Lush’s White Noise Bath Bomb is exclusive to and only available to purchase from ASOS in a giftset-bundle which also includes the best-selling Intergalactic bath bomb.

You’ll recognise the scent of the White Noise bath bomb if you have previously used the now discontinued, Kitsune bath bomb. Containing cedarwood, Sicilian red mandarin, patchouli, and benzoin resinoid oils the White Noise bath bomb has many great qualities. It’s a product that is packed full of warmth and energy, I’d describe it as warmer versions of the Avobath or Dragon’s Egg bath bombs.

It seems to have the same citrus-punch of those bath bombs but with a much warmer fragrance-layer because of the patchouli and benzoin resinoid oils.

White Noises interesting mix of ingredients makes the bath bomb a great bathing-partner to have if you are like me and live with chronic pain. The benzoin resinoid mixed with the patchouli oil stimulates blood flow which helps with the soothing of your muscles, this in turn helps you to wind down by lulling you into a state of pure relaxation, all you have to do is lay back and simply enjoy your bath!

The White Noise bath bomb has quite the crazy design, Lush have clearly had a lot of fun creating the mould for this product with their 3D printer, it strangely looks just how I’d picture White Noise if it was a solid entity; Decorated with sharp abstract shapes and patches of cool, grey-washed colours, it’s eye-catching to say the least.

Once in the water the White Noise bath bomb creates an explosion of cool-toned-colours. Light blue, white, silver, grey and minty green bath art shoots out of the bath bomb as it speedboats around the water’s surface shimmering.

It doesn’t take long for the White Noise bath bomb to fully dissolve but the bath art it creates is magnificent, my photos in this post do the bath bomb no justice at all. The water left behind is a grey-tinted minty-green. One thing I really noticed about White Noise is just how much grey is in it. Yet, it isn’t at all dull.

Overall I am really impressed with the White Noise bath bomb, it’s pretty and its scent is incredibly energising as well as warm even though its colouring is cool. It really does tease your senses. I can’t wait to see what bath bomb Lush creates for us next!

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