There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List Bath Bomb from Lush

I have been super-excited to review the, There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List Bath Bomb as it really reminds me of Lush’s phenomenal 2016 Christmas line.

2016 was such an exciting year for Lush as we had the first, legendary Lush-creative-showcase. It is one of my (if not my) fondest memories of Lush and I still get butterflies thinking about what an amazing experience it was.

The There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List bath bomb wasn’t a product available back then so you’re probably confused as to why I am even mentioning it BUT this bath bomb just seems to capture the same feelings of excitement in me.

I am a self-confessed Christmas-Scrooge so for me to be this excited about a product that is an in-your-face Christmas product is a huge deal indeed…

You’ve probably noticed the, There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List bath bomb’s long name, to make it easier for you to read this review (and me to write this review) I will furthermore refer to it as the ‘There’s Room bath bomb’.

At the time of writing this review, the There’s Room bath bomb has only ever been available exclusively to those who purchased the December 2022, Lush-Kitchen-Subscription-box.

Whether it will come back as an actual product you can buy individually for Winter 2023 is a question that can only be answered by Lush. I however have my fingers crossed that it does make a reappearance at some point!

The There’s Room bath bomb contains some of the following ingredients: Rose oil, violet leaf absolute, sandalwood oil, and maple syrup and shares its scent with the Confetti perfume.

The scent is best described as heavily-violet, sweet and floral. I feel as if it is a mix of the Rose Jam shower gel’s scent and the Ultraviolet bubble bar. It’s floral but not in an old-lady way, it’s a fun scent that uplifts yet calms you down.

As you can see from the first and 2nd photos I have included in this review, the There’s Room bath bomb is a very clever design. I had to also include a side-shot of this bath bomb just to show you all how detailed it really is. Shaped as a yellow elf’s head, it has a pointed green elf-hat, pointed yellow elf-ears and bright pink elf-cheeks.

It’s one of the cutest bath bombs Lush have ever made, I imagine pressing this bath bomb is quite timely and that’s why it was only released as a Lush Kitchen exclusive.

As soon as the, There’s Room bath bomb comes in to contact with the bath water you are greeted with a soft hiss of yellow and green bubbles. As the bath bomb slowly dissolves the water gets to the bath bombs pink elf-cheeks and then pink bubbles start to spill out of the bath bomb too.

The bath art it creates reminds me of the bath art created by the 2021 version of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb albeit slightly different colouring. Some of the pictures I took of it also remind me of the Mermaid bath bomb although, There’s Room is much more colourful.

The There’s Room bath bomb takes a good 10-12 minutes to fully dissolve.

It doesn’t take long for the pink cheeks to disappear leaving you with just yellow and green bath-art-bubbles. Once all of the bath bomb has gone you are left with bright green, silky soft bath water.

The water is super-hydrating on your skin and once you’re out of the bath, the scent stays on your skin for the rest of the day. I could still smell it on my skin the next morning too.

As I said earlier, the scent of this bath bomb is quite a heavy one. Violet leaf is a powerful ingredient in perfume, and it works so well in the bath bomb format mixed with rose and sandalwood oil.

I can see this scent being made into several more different product formats in the future. As for my overall thoughts on the There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice list bath bomb, I loved it. I have my fingers crossed that Lush find a way to bring it out as a part of the 2023 Christmas line so that everyone can get a chance to try it, it’s fabulous!

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