Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb from Lush

Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb

I have made it no secret that I am rather unhappy with Lush’s most recent decision to discontinue several of my all time favourite regular-line bath bombs, this unhappiness was intensified even more when I see that this year’s Winter line didn’t include the So White, Mistletoe, Northern Lights or Star Dust bath bombs. Product wise I feel that Lush have focused a lot more on their bubble bars this season, I love bubble bars so this isn’t the worst news but I adore a new bath bomb just as much. For me, this has left a lot riding on the Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb’s shoulders.

The Sherbet Dip bath bomb is a significantly large bath bomb, shaped to look like a giant sherbet lemon sweet, I can see why Lush fans with a sweet tooth have got all hot and bothered by it. Bright yellow in colour the Sherbet Dip bath bomb is full of lemony fresh citrus oils making it a great product to use when you’re running low on energy and need a pick-me-up. That last sentence is a description of me every day this time of year so of course I had to give this bath bomb a go.


The Sherbet Dip bath bomb contains grapefruit, Sicilian lemon and lime oil. Each of these ingredients have been carefully selected and blended together to create an energising and refreshing bathing experience. As soon as the Sherbet Dip bath bomb hits the water it starts to fizzle and hiss while sending out waves of an energising, sweet-citrus fragrance.

Its scent isn’t quite the same as a Sherbet Lemon sweet but it does still pack a punch, it’s not as fierce as the likes of the Avobath bath bomb which I guess isn’t a bad thing if you like the tamer Lush scents. I really expected the Sherbet Dip bath bomb to contain some popping candy it however does not. Be that as it may I was still surprised when its green center was revealed!

If you’re looking for spectacular bath art then the Sherbet Dip bath bomb isn’t for you. In comparison to some of last years bath bombs (that didn’t come back this year) I just can’t see why this bath bomb has been chosen over them? I totally get that some bath bombs aren’t all about the bath art, the Blackberry bath bomb is a perfect example of a bath bomb you buy because of its scent and its calming ingredients rather than the show it puts on. I just don’t find the Sherbet Dip bath bomb that great of a scent or show. For its size I am surprised on how fast it dissolves too.

By all means it’s not a bad bath bomb I just feel as if Lush could have done a little bit more with it. Last years range was so much more creative, before I finish this review up I’d like to stress that Sherbet Dip’s scent isn’t at all unpleasant, a Sherbet Dip bath leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft, the scent doesn’t however last on your skin at all and left me very underwhelmed.

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