Turtle Jelly Bomb from Lush

Mama Turtle Jelly Bomb

The Turtle Jelly Bomb duo, previously only available at 2018’s Lush Summit (under different names) are now currently available for ALL to buy on Lush’s UK website. As far as I am aware, they are also available in most, if not all stores too. Both the Lush Summit and current versions of the Turtle jelly bomb come in 2 sizes. Directly below is a photo of the 2 sizes together.

The Lush Summit versions were called the Mama Turtle and Baby Turtle Jelly Bomb’s and the rebranded versions that are currently available, are called the Turtle Immersion and Turtle Jelly Bomb’s. Originally I was going to do seperate reviews for each, I now however know that the only real difference between the 2 is their size, therefore one review will suffice.

Sea Turtles are one of my favourite animals, I have always been fascinated by them. Be it for their gentle and graceful character, current lengthy life span, incredible size, and their majestic presence… I love everything about them. They’re one of the most peculiar yet precious creatures that planet Earth has been blessed with.

Each one of the Turtle jelly bombs were created by Lush to serve as a reminder of the threat and devastating impact that plastic pollution is having on our oceans. It scares me that if we don’t act now these amazing animals alongside many others will simply cease to exist.

Sharing its scent with the Geo Phyzz bath bomb (the bath bomb responsible for my discovery of the Lush Kitchen) it has a rich outdoorsy scent, its cypress and sandalwood ingredients help lull you into a relaxed state of mind. As soon as I lay back in a Turtle Jelly Bomb bath my muscles instantly begin to lose any tension that has built up in them during the day.

Seeing as this is the first jelly bomb I have reviewed this year I thought it would be wise to briefly explain what they are again. Jelly bombs look just like the average Lush bath bomb, they also work in the same way, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is, instead of creating foam, jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead. Some of my favourite of the jelly bomb’s so far have been the Secret Arts, The Big Sleep and Snow Fairy.

The creative people behind Lush’s products are always known for making a point in the quirkiest of ways. It isn’t until you use one of the Turtle jelly bombs that you realise just how clever they have been when creating this product. Inside each of the jelly bomb’s is of course, shed loads of jelly BUT also hidden inside of them are small strands of agar agar (see photo below).

Agar agar is a mucilaginous substance extracted from agarophytes seaweed and is often used as an alternative to animal-derived gelatine. When the agar agar comes into contact with water it jellifies again. I hold my hands up… When I very first used the Turtle jelly bomb I had no idea what the little strands floating around my bath water were. I even found myself getting a little irritated.

What I didn’t know when I first used this jelly bomb was that the inclusion of the agar agar strands were not a mistake. Eventually they DID all dissolve alongside the other jelly which I was very pleased about. The agar agar was actually placed in the Turtle jelly bomb as a way to demonstrate to us what plastic waste is doing to our oceans – The sea turtles home.

Unlike the agar agar strands, man made plastic waste does not dissolve. The slight irritation I felt laying in my bath is nothing compared to what the sea turtles and all other sea life are having to endure every day in their natural habitat, through no fault of their own.

A Turtle jelly bomb bath left me with 2 things. Exceptionally silky-soft and hydrated skin and a whole new understanding and realisation of the effect plastic waste is having on the only planet Earth that we have.

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