Peachy Bath Bomb from Lush

peachy bath bomb

2019’s Valentine’s Day range has been released and the Lush community couldn’t be more excited. The Peachy Bath Bomb is brand new this year and has caused quite a stir. Especially when placed next to the other brand new Valentines product the Aubergine bath bomb… Cheeky!

When I first had the Peachy bath bomb in my hand I was surprised at how big it was, for some reason I had envisioned that it would be much smaller. I can confirm that it’s more or less the average bath bomb size, much closer to the size of the Twilight bath bomb than to the Butterball one.

Peachy contains as its name would suggest, bundles of sweet, skin-softening, fresh peach juice. Alongside the peach juice, Peachy also includes grapefruit, davana, elemi and tagetes oils. The grapefruit, davana, elemi and tagetes oil  make a very unique and awakening blend.

Peachy’s scent is delicate but uplifting, zesty and wonderfully refreshing. In ways it is very similar to the scent found in the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb, it however isn’t quite the same; Peachy’s scent is definitely not as citrus-orientated and sharp, The Peachy bath bomb also has a whole other layer of muskiness to it too, its scent is gentle as opposed to Never Mind the Ballistics scent being somewhat overwhelming.

Every time I look at the Peachy bath bomb I feel a little overwhelmed because of how pretty it is. The attention to detail in Peachy’s design hasn’t gone unnoticed by me, Lush have produced a long list of beautiful bath bombs prior to this one but Peachy bath bomb is special, it really does live up to its own hype as ‘peach perfect’.

I love how its peach colour isn’t all one shade of peach either. Although it’s clear to see that Peachy isn’t a real peach, the variation of its colour just adds to its charm, its detailing is so exquisite and it doesn’t look as if it was hand made at all.

As soon as the Peachy bath bomb hits the water there is a small explosion of foam, a small amount of green fizzes away from the bath bombs top as pinky-orange bubbles spill out from the rest of it.

Slowly it begins to spin, dancing around your bath water leaving pink swirls of colour as it goes. Another thing that surprised me with the Peachy bath bomb is that it was a really slow fizzer. I always love the slow fizzers, the pretty patterns they create in the bath seem to never end.

Once the bath bomb has fully dissolved you are left with peach coloured bath water. After I got out of the bath my skin felt fabulous, it was silky smooth to the touch and looked and felt as hydrated as if I’d just used a body lotion.

The scent remained on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day too. Overall I am very impressed with the Peachy bath bomb, it has a beautiful and somewhat intricate design, the peachiest of scents and creates the prettiest bath art. I ordered several more straight after using one, I now can’t imagine a Lush Valentine’s Day line without it!

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