Moon Bath Bath Bomb from Lush

The Moon Bath Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product, it was first released as a stand-out product from Lush’s incredible 2022 Christmas line.

Moon Bath happened to be the first bath bomb in the 2022 Christmas line to catch my attention because I’m a mini-Scrooge and love all of the Christmas products that aren’t in-your-face Christmassy.

You’ll recognise Moon Bath’s scent if you’re familiar with the Halloween-favourite, Ghostie bath bomb as they share the same powerful, zesty-fragrance. If you need to wake yourself up, a quick sniff of the Moon Bath bath bomb will do the trick.

The first thing I noticed about the Moon Bath bath bomb was how much it reminded me of a past Christmas-time product, the Angels Delight bath bomb. Both are decorated with a half moon face but that’s their only similarity. Moon Bath is a lot bigger than Angels Delight was, it’s the same size as the all-year-round bath bomb’s Twilight and Avobath.

Ingredients wise, the Moon Bath bath bomb contains – lemongrass, Sicilian lemon, Persian lime oils and plenty of popping candy.

As I said earlier, its scent is a powerful one. It’s super-sour, zesty fragrance will awaken all of your senses. People that think that all bath bombs make you feel sleepy have clearly never tried Moon Bath.

As soon as the Moon Bath bath bomb goes into the water it starts to fizz away. Slowly, thin orange foam spills out of it. It begins to spin, bobbing around your bath.

After 5 minutes a small burst of red foam spills out of the Moon Bath bath bomb. Thicker orange and red foam then begin to create the prettiest bath art.

The bath art that Moon Bath creates is very similar to the bath art that the Christmas Sweater bath bomb did, orange and red swirls go around and around right up until the bath bomb dissolves and it doesn’t take long after putting the bath bomb in for the popping candy to make an appearance too. Snap, crackle, pop!

The photos I have included in this review of the Moon Bath bath bomb do it no justice at all, I couldn’t get enough of this bath bomb in action. The zesty scent fills the room and really comes to life in the steaming-hot bath water. It’s impossible to not feel a spring in your step just by being in its presence.

The water left behind by the Moon Bath bath bomb is a warm and welcoming shade of orange.

Its scent lasted throughout the whole bath but didn’t last for very long on my skin once I was out of the bath. I think this leaves Lush with an obligation to make us a body lotion or body spray that has the Moon Bath fragrance! 😉

The silky-smooth, orange water left behind by this bath bomb is really soothing on your skin which isn’t always the case for citrus based bath bombs. I didn’t find Moon Bath drying on my skin at all BUT I do really think Lush need to create a body lotion with the same scent so that we can layer the scent up.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Moon Bath bath bomb. With it not being particularly Christmassy, I could actually see it working as an all-year-round product. Maybe one day Lush could add it to the permanent all-year-round range as I’m confident that it would be very popular as a summery scent too!

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