Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb from Lush

I first got a hold of the Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb when Lush’s advent calendar arrived on my doorstep back in late August 2021. You’ll find this refreshing and festive treat behind door number 8.

I held off on reviewing the Hey! Hollywood! Bath bomb until now as, as you can see from the photos in this post, its design screams Christmas.

For the purpose of this review, I am going to refer to Hey! Hollywood! Without the exclamation marks from now on as they’re driving me mad and I’m not even 100 words into my review of the bath bomb yet… 😆

The Hey Hollywood bath bomb is a gorgeous shimmery green with a red-berried holly-crown on its top. At the time of writing this review it is currently available to purchase in store and online, although, with Christmas fast approaching it won’t be available for much longer!

The Hey Hollywood bath bomb contains peppermint oil and shares its scent with an old Lush product that was most recently in November 2021’s Lush Kitchen subscription box – the Salt and Peppermint Bark body scrub. 

Its scent is a subtle, sweet-peppermint fragrance. It is so delicate that I found when I left the Hey Hollywood bath bomb amongst other Lush products, the scents from the other products completely masked it’s fragrance making it almost impossible to smell.

It’s the complete opposite of the dominatingly sharp Intergalactic bath bomb – another peppermint based Lush product.

Hey Hollywood is the same size as the average sized bath bomb, it fits snuggly in my hand. Just like when I first used the, The Golden Pudding bath bomb, I expected a lot more foam than there was when I first put it into the water.

I thought that I had sadly got a dud bath bomb – however, when I let go of it, against all odds, it continued to float. At first all that really came out of the bath bomb was a stream of red bubbles, the green was barely noticeable.

The Hey Hollywood bath bomb was a very slow dissolver. Looking through my photos and checking their time stamps, it was well over 10 minutes before it had completely gone. It took a good 5 minutes of it being in the water before the bath art really started to put on a show.

Blue, purple, pink and light green patterns shoot out of Hey Hollywood creating a beautiful blanket of bath art on the surface of the water.

Once the Hey Hollywood bath bomb has fully dissolved, the water left behind is just like the end-bathwater created by the original Lord of Misrule bath bomb, something I know a lot of customers will be very pleased with since the Lord of Misrules much-protested update this year…

It’s not the same but if it’s the end-watercolour you miss about the Lord of Misrule, Hey Hollywood is well worth a go!

The beautiful, wine-coloured bath water shimmers as you swish it around. The soft peppermint scent really comes to life with the heat of the bath water too, it’s a super-refreshing bathing experience.

I didn’t find its waters particularly moisturising, but it didn’t dry my skin out either. I’d like to try a few more of the Hey Hollywood bath bombs as the bath art photos I have included in this review do not do the bath bomb any justice at all.

There’s no guarantee that the Hey Hollywood bath bomb will return next Winter. It’s rare that the new bath bombs ever do, I however have my fingers crossed as Hey Hollywood is one of the best bath bombs to come out of 2021.

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