Chameleon Bath Bomb from Lush

Chameleon Bath BombThe Chameleon Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics is a bath bomb that was created way before I became a fully fledged Lushie, all proceeds of its sale went towards a campaign that was raising awareness on the cruel reality of domesticating wild animals such as the Chameleon. I had personally not heard of the bath bomb before but when the Lush Kitchen added it as a bonus product to their weekly menu last week, I couldn’t resist buying a few.

Containing grapefruit, mandarin and ylang ylang oil the Chameleon is yet another citrus fruit scented product. I know some customers are growing tired of the citrus products as of late but they are perfect for this particular time of year. There isn’t much left of Summer now… Luckily I can never get enough citrus and after just one sniff I fell deeply in love with the Chameleon bath bomb’s bright and cheerful scent.


Grapefruit, mandarin and ylang ylang oils are the perfect blend of essential oils to help uplift, recharge and brighten your mind, body and soul. As the Chameleon bath bomb dissolves in the water a wave of sweet orange scent dominates the room. After using it, I cannot express how much I enjoyed it just on scent alone. To date, the Chameleon bath bomb’s scent is my most favourite of all of the Lush products I have tried so far. A bold statement that I am more than happy to shout from the rooftops!

If you’re a fan of the recently discontinued Lava Lamp bath bomb‘s scent then the Chameleon bath bomb is right up your street, Lush appear to have taken the best parts of the Lava Lamp and Golden Wonder bath bombs scents and thrown it into the Chameleon bath bomb. Its scent is mouthwateringly good.


Due to the Chameleon bath bomb’s size (similar to the Rocket Science bath bomb) I thought it would be a very quick fizzer, although it is quick, it took longer to fizzle away than I had expected. As the Chameleon comes into contact with the water, a purple splash of colour spills out of it. Its shimmery green coating adds a glistening effect to your bath water, underneath the shimmery green coating the Chameleon is a bright pink.

The way the water sits once the Chameleon bath bomb has fully dissolved reminds me of the multi tonal water you get with the Magic bath bomb. Chameleon isn’t much of a bath bomb if you’re looking for out of this world Experimenter style bath art, it is however very pretty and when you lay back in its waters you can feel your worries melting away.

Overall I am truly dazzled by this bath bomb, its scent is irresistible, the fact it moisturises your skin so well is a huge bonus. Its scent stays on the skin hours and hours after using it. I am blown away by its scent and the longevity of its scent too. Lush really need to bring out more products with this bath bomb’s scent.

A body lotion, shower gel, or even a shampoo bar, just the idea of other products with the Chameleon scent leaves me salivating!

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