Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush


When I first clapped eyes on the huge display of the Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bars, I couldn’t help but grab one. It is always so exciting to get your hands on a brand new Lush product and even more so when it smells as good as the Santasaurus does.

The Santasaurus reusable bubble bar comes from the Honey I Washed the Kids scent family. Lush Cosmetics do so much more than mix random essential oils together. They master scents. Once a scent is mastered, over a very long period of time – sometimes years, they create an abundance of products that share that mastered scent. This is where the Lush term ‘scent family’ comes from. If a product shares the same scent as another, it’s a part of that scents family.


Honey I Washed the Kids happens to be one of Lush’s best selling scents, it features in several of their products, both from their permanent line and from their seasonal ones too.

My current favourite products from this scent family are the Honey I Washed my Hair shampoo bar, the old design of the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and of course the new version of the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.

Compared to the other Winter reusable bubble bars Santasaurus appears to be quite small. I am however well aware that size doesn’t matter especially when it comes to Lush products.

Giant Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar form Showcase.png

The above photograph is of a giant version of the Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar, it was taken by myself at the Lush Creative Showcase back in September.

The actual bubble bar I am reviewing today could easily give you 3 generously bubbled, bubble baths.

If you are however looking to turn the bath water under the bubbles a darker green then I’d recommend splitting it between two baths. Spreading the use of it over 3 baths however gives you more than enough bubbles. You could always make it last longer by combining it with other Lush products in a Lush cocktail. I prefer to use this bubble bar sparingly as I feel if you use too much, the water goes a really icky and dark green, I prefer it lighter.

I hate to state the obvious but if you’re new to Lush it can be a little confusing and people do actually ask these questions so I’ll answer it. The difference between a reusable bubble bar versus a normal one is that the reusable bubble bars can be reused before and after it has been fully immersed by water.

The ordinary ones could probably do the same although the quality of it once it’s got wet won’t be nearly as good. With the ordinary ones I advise people to cut them up into little chunks, storing them somewhere dry and in jars. Once this is done all you have to do is grab a chunk or 2 from that jar if and when you want to use it.

The reusable ones are on a stick and are a little less faff. All you need to do is hold the reusable bubble bar under the running bath tap. Once you have the desired amount of bubbles all you then have to do is leave it somewhere where it can dry off.


Once used I find if you leave it where it can get splashed, or somewhere it will stay wet it doesn’t last.

If you however follow the above steps then the bubble bar is a very good one, so many people use them wrong and it’s a shame as they aren’t seeing the products true potential.

Overall I think the Santasaurus bubble bar is a great addition to the Lush Winter line, I’d maybe like to see it a little bulkier but honestly the size of it doesn’t affect the quality of it at all.

It’s a beautifully sweet product that will almost certainly leave you wanting to get another.

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