Blood Orange Shower Gel from Lush

The Blood Orange Shower Gel is a brand-new release from Lush; It is a limited-edition product that is a part of Lush’s 2022 Halloween line.

Blood Orange is a clear orange shower gel and has a thick but easy to get out of the bottle consistency. Consistency and visually wise, it is very similar to the discontinued Bubbly shower gel from past Winter lines.

Blood Orange contains a long list of ingredients; fresh orange juice and the following essential oils, organic blood orange, bergamot, davana and geranium oils. It’s a new Lush scent that I feel is fairly similar to the likes of the recently released, Mimosa shower gel.

I’m always honest in my reviews and in my opinion, the fact that the Blood Orange shower gel is so close in scent to the aforementioned Mimosa shower gel, has left me struggling to get excited about it. However, if I had to choose a favourite between Mimosa and Blood Orange, I’d pick Blood Orange because I prefer its less complicated scent.

If you enjoy Lush’s citrusy scents then I’d recommend Blood Orange, from the bottle it smells just like a freshly peeled orange but once mixed with the shower steam and hot water the blood orange ingredients’ bitterness really comes through, it’s sharp, energising and oh-so-fruity. If you’re a fan of the less in-your-face, more basic-scented-products, Blood Orange would be a good choice to go for.

Blood Orange is by no means an unpleasant shower gel but I will admit to preferring past Halloween shower gels a lot more. To me, its scent doesn’t scream Halloween in quite the same way as the Calacas and Very Very Frightening shower gels did and still do.

When it comes down to their newly released shower gels, Lush have really outdone themselves this year. As I have said in my previous 2022 shower gel reviews, Lush’s shower gel selection was in desperate need of new life and 2022 has been a brilliant year for Lush shower gels. Blood Orange isn’t my favourite from this year’s new releases,BUT I liked it enough to get a bottle of it straight after trying a sample of it from my local Lush store.

The Blood Orange shower gel lathers up easily and a very small amount of it goes a long way. As I touched upon earlier, once you start to lather it up and it mixes with the hot water and steam of the shower its scent becomes a punchy and bitter citrus-fruit-cocktail, it is zesty enough to awaken the weariest of souls! Once out of the shower its scent remains on your skin for the next few hours and it does a really good job of cleansing your skin too.

Overall, I do really like the Blood Orange shower gel, but I feel like Lush have released much better Halloween shower gels before. I’d go as far to say that I think Blood Orange would work better as a Spring-time-scent.

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