Big Foot Bath Bomb from Lush

The Big Foot Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product first created for Lush’s 2022 Halloween line. If you were a fan of Lush’s Monsters’ Ball bath bomb, then you will be happy to hear that the Big Foot bath bomb shares the same ‘Zesty’ scent.

The Monsters’ Ball bath bomb was always a Halloween-favourite of mine so when Lush didn’t bring it back for Halloween last year, I was very sad. I was therefore over-the-moon to see that the 2022 Halloween line featured a bath bomb with the same scent of my all-time favourite Halloween product.

Not only does the Big Foot bath bomb share a scent with the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb it also shares the same pink and blue colours.

As you can see from the photos that I have included in this review, the Big Foot bath bomb is just that, a big foot. It actually reminds me of a children’s book that I recently read by the author Sophie Anderson. The book is called The House with Chicken Legs.

While I am not sure if this product is inspired by the same Prussian fairy tales that Sophie Anderson gets her book inspiration from, both do fit right into the whole Halloween theme perfectly!

The Big Foot bath bomb contains a long list of ingredients, some of them that are included are; coconut milk, Epsom salt, Himalayan rock salt, olibanum resinoid, popping candy and the following essential oils, lime and neroli.

Neroli is a really bitter-citrus-scent on its own but when it is mixed with lime oil its bitterness is drowned out and you’re left with a much lighter and somewhat warming citrusy scent. Some say the scent reminds them of sour gum sweets.

The Big Foot bath bomb is approximately 120g and fits in my hand snuggly, size-wise it’s about the same size as the Rocket Science bath bomb.

With Big Foot being differently shaped to the standard round bath bomb, even though it is clearly a brightly coloured pink and blue bath bomb I wondered whether the bath art it created would be on par with the aforementioned Monsters’ Ball bath bomb.

As soon as the Big Foot bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of pink and blue foam. Light blue and pink bubbles sizzle out of it as it floats just under the waters surface. Bath art wise the Big Foot bath bomb isn’t as good as Monsters’ Ball, but I think I managed to get some okay photos of it in action to include in this review.

Big Foot has fully dissolved after about 5 minutes which is fairly quick for its size but what really shines through with this bath bomb is its gorgeous scent. I love it. The popping candy was a nice surprise too, although it didn’t snap, crackle and pop for very long.

In all honesty, I have totally over compared the Big Foot bath bomb with Monsters’ Ball, yes, it is very similar because of its colouring, scent and the time of year it is released but what sets it apart is the end water colour and how hydrating its waters are on my skin. Unlike the purple water Monsters’ Ball leaves you with, Big Foots water is a gorgeous shade of royal blue.

The Big Foot bath bomb creates the most incredibly soft bath-water and I found that it left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft too. The coconut milk, Epsom and Himalayan salt are incredibly soothing on your skin which is perfect now the Autumn weather is starting to kick in.

Its scent can still be smelt on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day which is rare for citrus based scents; Lime seems to be the magic ingredient that has scent-staying-power.

Overall, I enjoyed the Big Foot bath bomb and I’m sorry to compare it to the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb yet again BUT I feel it needs mentioning that Big Foot does not have big enough feet to fill Monsters’ Balls boots. If you however look at Big Foot as a brand-new bath bomb it’s great!

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