NEW So White Bath Bomb from Lush

So White Bath Bomb NEW 2018.png

The So White Bath Bomb has had many visual updates, it started off as just a plain white sphere-shaped bath bomb with light pink insides (reviewed here) this version was released as a part of the Winter line consecutively for quite a few years.

It was then changed to have an apple-like-shape with a single green leaf sat on its top in 2016. This version of the bath bomb created some of the best bath art that I have EVER seen from a Lush bath bomb. (reviewed here)

I adored everything about the 2016 version of the So White bath bomb. Lush however decided to update it yet again just a few years later. Now it still shares the apple-like-shape from its previous version BUT it is completely white, even on the inside. The bath art has gone down the drain, literally…

The only thing that has stayed the same throughout So White’s many face lifts is its scent. The So White scent is in my top 3 favourite Lush scents, as sad as I was to lose what was one of my favourite parts of a much loved bath bomb I was happy I could still experience some of its wonder, minus the bath art.

As angry as I was at Lush for taking away a huge part of one of my all-time-favourite products I understood why they took the colour out of it. For starters it made the bath bombs name make more sense. It also became more desirable to customers who don’t like to bathe in lots of colour or glitter. Sometimes less is more.

With its deliciously-crisp, apple scent, the So White bath bomb smells just like a fairytale. Neroli, orange flower, Brazilian orange, bergamot and rose absolute are blended together to create one of the freshest fragrances Lush have on offer.

Seeing as the So White bath bomb doesn’t create any bath art I didn’t take many pictures of it once it was in the water. It’s a very slow fizzer and what it lacks in bath art it well makes up for with its scent and how soft and milky-white it turns your bath water.

I always come out of a So White bath feeling instantly refreshed, its scent is just so uplifting and gives me a real happiness-boost, helping to go about the rest of my day with a clear state of mind. I can never resist its scent.

After using it, its fairytale fragrance stays on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day, I however like the scent so much that I can never resist topping myself up with its body spray equivalent, the So White body spray.

Any product that has the So White fragrance will always be one of my favourites, if Lush had taken the colour out of any other bath bomb I doubt they’d have got away with it!

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Once Upon A Time Naked Body Lotion from Lush

Once Upon A Time Naked Body LotionLast year (2017) Lush jam packed their shelves and online stock space with brand new, packageless ‘naked’ products. They created naked shower gels, naked shower creams, naked body conditioners and even naked lip scrubs. The Once Upon A Time Naked Body Lotion was also a new Lush invention from 2017, no other Lush body lotion had ever been made into a solid/naked form before, this meant the Once Upon A Time naked body lotion had a lot riding on its shoulders.

I got on really well with the potted version of Once Upon A Time body lotion so thought I’d give the naked version a go too. Although there’s a small piece of me that wishes Lush would just continue to sell body lotions and shower gels in pots and bottles, I can understand and appreciate the reasons as to why Lush are working towards creating naked everything. The world is at bursting point with plastic waste and if naked cosmetic products make even a little difference to our environment then it’s worth at least giving the naked products a try.

The Once Upon A Time naked body lotion is a proud member of the So White, Lush-scent-family. Both the naked and potted versions smell just as refreshing and crisp as the So White bath bomb. The sweet scent of fresh apples will always be welcome in my bathroom whatever the products format.

Apart from the obvious there really isn’t much difference between the potted and naked Once Upon A Time body lotions. Just like the potted Once Upon A Time, the naked Once Upon A Time goes a very long way. Instead of scooping lotion out and working it into your skin, you instead grab the green block of body lotion and work it into the parts of your body that are looking for a boost of hydration. The naked version works just as well as the potted version, the only significant difference is that I find the naked version slightly more oily. All this really means is that the naked version takes a little longer to soak in to your skin compared to the potted version though.

I admit that storing the naked products is a little difficult due to it being packageless. It not being in a pot does however have its practical as well as ethical advantages too. Especially if you’re like me and have bad hands (therefore not being able to open lids easily). I am currently storing my naked Lush products on a rack in a bathroom cupboard. The naked products that come into contact with water such as the shower gels and body conditioners, will need to be left out to dry before storing them away in a closed box or cupboard etc BUT the Once Upon A Time naked body lotion is however fine to go straight onto the rack after use.

I feel like I should also add that they need to be stored somewhere slightly cooler than room temperature too, just like Lush massage bars the naked body lotion and conditioners do begin to melt if left somewhere warm enough. The naked and potted versions of Once Upon A Time are both great, they each have their own strong points but both give the same results upon use. Right now I still feel as if I favour the potted products but just from a practical point. I’m never very good with change and I’ve grown to love Lush’s little black pots with their funky white text. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but I believe Lush will be pushing naked products further and further this year so I’m keeping an open mind and giving them all a go.

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So White Shower Gel from Lush

So White Shower Gel.png

The So White scent is by far one of my favourite fragrances from Lush’s winter line. There aren’t many products that have its scent but the ones that do are all more than perfect in my eyes.

There is the So White bath bomb, Santa’s Belly shower jelly, the shower gel pictured above, a liquid perfume (that I really, really wish I had) and a newly designed version of the So White bath bomb that was released this winter (2016).

The So White scent reminds me of fresh, crisp apples. I love how refreshing it is, it always lifts me from a bad mood. It fills my bathroom with the most beautiful and fairytale-like scent, every time I use it I always find myself thinking of  the scene in Snow White where the Evil Queen gives Snow a cursed apple…
So White SG extra  blob.pngThe So White Shower Gel which I will be reviewing today is probably one of my favourite products from the So White scent family.

The shower gel’s consistency is quite runny, I always recommend giving it a good shake before using it. Once it has been shaken it works beautifully. A little of the shower gel goes a very long way, I love it as a shower gel, it lathers up really quickly and brightens, cleanses and hydrates my skin into tip-top condition.

I actually even use it as shampoo too. They say not to use shower gels on your hair very often as obviously it’s not shampoo, I however sometimes use So White shower gel in my hair because I love the scent so much. It is actually very good on my fine hair. It is such a light formula and the scent stays in my hair right up until I wash it again.

SO WHITE SG Extra.png

Overall I love the So White shower gel, I think maybe it could be improved ever so slightly if they maybe turned it into a shower cream, much like they did this year (2016) with the Prince Charming and Yummy Mummy shower creams.

There’s just something about shower creams that feel that little bit more luxurious than a shower gel.

By all means I love it as a shower gel, my inner Lushie however very much desires to try the So White scent in other formats as I know they’d all be products to die for!

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Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly from Lush

Lush Cosmetics’ world famous Shower Jellies were first introduced to the world as an alternative & very unique shower product back in 2005. Back then I was a teenager of 15 years and my only worries were about boys. As for Lush Cosmetics they had just reached the tender age of 10 years young…

I still can’t quite get over the fact that I was 5 when they first opened their doors. The speed in which Lush have grown not only in the UK but worldwide makes me feel so OLD.

In just over 20 years they have literally changed the cosmetics industry for the better.


The concept behind the idea of a jelly product was inspired by the British, party food favourite, jelly and ice cream. Growing up in the 90’s & 00’s jelly was unavoidable at most children’s parties.

Lush are always one step ahead of every other company when it comes to new ideas. I am led to believe that someone high up at Lush was tucking into a nice bit of jelly and ice cream when they had the shower jelly brain wave.

Seeing as I could talk or write myself into winning an Olympic gold medal I decided to shorten this post up with a quote directly off of the Lush website itself. That way I can get on with the review of the very first shower jelly I had the pleasure of trying…

‘Shower jellies are a fantastic, versatile alternative to soaps and shower gels. You can: squish them into a pouf for a thick, creamy textured lather; chop them up into little one-wash sized cubes; chill them in the fridge or freezer for reviving cooling or get up close and personal by lathering them straight over your body.’

To be perfectly honest I did not get the concept of the shower jelly at all. I was getting along just fine with good old, ordinary shower gel. It wasn’t until 2015 that I actually tried one. Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly was my very first and I haven’t stopped raving about shower jellies since.

What was first a bit of a tongue twister for me has turned into one of my all time favourite Lush products. SANTA’S BELLY SHOWER JELLY, SANTA’S BELLY SHOWER JELLY, SANTA’S BELLY SHOWER JELLY… Say it fast over and over, you know you want to 😉

Santa’s Belly (sorry I said it again) shares its scent with the So White bath bomb, both the old design and 2016’s new one.

Its an apple based product. It reminds me of freshly cut up apples and if it was edible I’d be tucking right in to every product in its scent. Obviously it’s not edible so I just have to settle with washing and bathing with it, which might I add is heaven on earth!


The above quote from the Lush website sums up how to use a shower jelly. It can also be used in chunks in the same way as bubble bar and can even be used as shampoo.

I use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap. Some people chop their ones up. I just prefer to use it as a whole. My first thought on trying it out was ‘wow this jelly is practically indestructible!’ it lathered up so well and so quickly too, it also didn’t appear to be getting noticeably smaller on use.

Of course it doesn’t last forever and eventually its size got smaller and smaller,  it however lasted for a lot longer than any shower gel I had ever had, its scent never diminished. Its fragrance remained as beautiful as the day I first opened it and from then on right up until it was all gone.

Since my discovery of Santa’s Belly, I have tried quite a few of the different ones Lush have on offer. They’re game changers! Santa’s Belly is still however my favourite of them all.

I was so pleased to see that they had brought it back out again in the 2016 Lush Winter line.

Most of the Lush jellies I have used are quite plain, Santa’s Belly is a little different as it has soft stars in it, giving it a special christmassy edge.

Before Christmas is over, you have to try Santa’s Belly shower jelly, using it alongside a So White bath bomb will make your bathroom feel like a portal into a fairytale kingdom.

Where princesses kiss frogs, fairy godmothers grant wishes and witches poison apples…

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*Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 31st of October 2015. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge. Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time *

NEW 2016 So White Bath Bomb from Lush

So White Bath Bomb NEWWhen I see that the So White Bath Bomb had, had a makeover I was a little worried as the older version is one of my all time favourites. When presented with the new So White I was relieved to find that its scent remained the same as the original.

The new So White bath bomb is now shaped more like an actual apple. It has an indentation where the apples stalk would be if it was a real apple and also a single green leaf on its top.

One more difference I could see was that instead of also being completely round, the new So White bath bomb now had one flat side making it more stable if put on display. I’m not sure why some bath bombs have this and others don’t as I’ve never thought to ask.14390736_1843650849197468_354501053512020218_nnAbove is a picture of the new So White bath bomb next to its older design. When I got home and compared both of the designs together I noticed that the newer one also felt a little lighter. The old design had quite a sturdy, solid exterior; One that reminds me of a gob stopper.

The new So White however has a much softer and almost dusty shell,  which normally means it is coated with Lush’s foaming agent meaning more froth once in the water!


There was only one way to find out if any more had changed so I put my new So White in the bath, camera at the ready.

It instantly began to foam lots and lots of white. The older version after a few seconds would then start to show its pink exterior. After a minute or so I noticed that there was no pink. It was at that point that the bath bomb began to spin, dunking its one green leaf under the water creating one very small puff of apple green foam.


By this point I was wondering if the bath bomb had a coloured center at all. The older version was pink throughout but the newer design seemed to be white all through. Pink is my favourite colour so I was a little disappointed.

Just as I was about to sit back in the bath thinking that the bath bombs show had already finished the bath bomb suddenly spurted out yellows, blues and greens!

The new colours really did surprise me. When you’re used to a soft pink exterior you really are surprised to see other such vibrant colours appear.

The colours hidden inside the new So White bath bomb are similar to those of the Fizzbanger bath bomb. The introduction of these bright and zesty colours well made up for the absence of its previous pink interior.


The scent of this slow dissolving bath bomb like its older design still allowed my imagination to run wild. The sweet scent of fresh, crisp apples will always be welcome in my bathroom.

After getting out of the bath I could still smell the scent of the So White bath bomb on my skin, the new version was just as good scent wise and my skin felt hydrated and super smooth.

I never think it is possible to improve upon perfection but Lush Cosmetics go above and beyond my expectations of perfection every time. The newly redesigned So White bath bomb is yet another new Lush product that’s going to drain my bank account of funds. Will Lush ever release a product I don’t like?!

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