Absolute Delight Bath Bomb from Lush

My favourite thing about the Lush Kitchen is that it gives Lush customers the chance to try long-forgotten products from Lush’s product-archive. The Absolute Delight Bath Bomb is one of Lush’s older, original bath bombs and one I have always wanted to try.

Fortunately, the Absolute Delight bath bomb made it into the Lush Kitchen Subscription box back in February of this year (2023), so I finally got to use the Absolute Delight bath bomb and what an absolute delight it was!

As far as I am aware the Absolute Delight bath bomb does not share a scent with any other Lush product, it’s truly one of a kind.

The Absolute Delight bath bomb isn’t as eye catching as some of Lush’s newer bath bombs, it has a plain and simple design, much like all of the original bath bombs first invented and created by one of Lush’s co-founders, Mo Constantine (AKA Mrs Lush!).

The Absolute Delight bath bomb is a pastel pink bath bomb without any further decoration. To look at, it is fairly similar to the older version of the Blackberry bath bomb. The fact that the Absolute Delight bath bomb is so plain is not a negative at all, when it comes down to Lush, it’s quite often the case that less is more.

Absolute Delight is the standard sized and shaped bath bomb fitting snuggly in my hand. It contains a varied list of ingredients. In it are both jasmine and rose absolute and the following essential oils too, bergamot, geranium and sandalwood.

The Absolute Delight bath bomb’s scent is a very gentle one, it’s an incredibly inviting powdery-sweet, yet creamy floral blend. The rose absolute is definitely the star of the show and shines through rounding off all of the other ingredients in it. Its pale pink colour fits in with its subtle scent perfectly.

As soon as you place the Absolute Delight bath bomb into your bath water it begins to gently fizz away. Tiny, pastel-pink bubbles fizz out of it as it bobs about your bath, floating on the water’s surface, slowly spinning around. In the water, apart from the obvious difference in colour, it is very similar to the likes of another bath bomb from Lush’s early days, the All That Jas bath bomb.

The Absolute Delight bath bomb turns the water a powdery pink colour. Some bath bomb colours are so strong, that once it has all dissolved you can’t see your hand when you place it under the water. The Absolute Delight bath bomb isn’t a highly pigmented bath bomb though, it would be a good choice of bath bomb to use if you’re wary of too much colour in your bathtub.

The Absolute Delight bath bomb is a very quick fizzer; Fully dissolving in just under 2 minutes. You won’t get bath art out of this bath bomb but what you do get is the silkiest bath water I have ever had from a Lush bath bomb. I couldn’t quite believe how soft and hydrated it left my skin AND without being at all oily.

Its scent doesn’t last for very long on your skin but how it leaves your skin feeling lasts all day.

It really is the most hydrating bath bomb I have used from Lush. I’m not sure what ingredient made it so soothing on the skin, but I think Lush need to use it in more bath bombs. Sometimes the bath bombs with big chunks of butter in (such as the Yog Nog bath bomb) are too oily for me, the Absolute Delight had the perfect balance of hydration.

How it left my skin once I was out of the bath was by far my most favourite thing about the Absolute Delight bath bomb, I’d love to see more bath bombs like this!

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