Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb from Lush

After falling head over heels in love with 3 out of the 4 newly released jelly bombs I was delighted to see that Lush had yet another up their sleeve. The Lush Kitchen announced that on the 14th of August 2017 a small and very limited amount of brand-new-to-the-world, Snow Fairy Jelly Bombs would become available to order. Although I am desperately trying to save money for next months Lush Showcase, I couldn’t help myself and grabbed a few.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, I have a feeling that the Snow Fairy jelly bombs will be a part of this years Lush Winter line, therefore potentially being available at the Showcase next month. For everyone that missed out on getting one of these jelly bombs through the Lush Kitchen, I am keeping my eyes peeled and my fingers crossed that my prediction of them becoming available everywhere comes true!

Design wise the Snow Fairy jelly bomb is decorated just like the other jelly bombs, quite unique to anything Lush has created before, each individual jelly bomb has its own shape included in its exterior design, for example, Snow Fairy has a star and the Dark Arts jelly bomb has a mysterious and magical looking eye.

Jelly bombs look and work just like the average Lush bath bomb, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is that the jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead of just either creating foam or changing the colour of your bath water. Although I was initially a little freaked out at the idea of bathing in what I imagined to be thick gloop, I found that this wasn’t the case at all and the experience of sharing a bath with a Lush jelly bomb was in fact very pleasant.

Photo 19-08-2017, 16 28 47

The magic jelly ingredient in Lush’s jelly bombs is sodium alginate, this is what creates the jelly that floats on the top of your water. I have had a lot of people comment on my Instagram account that they just can’t bring themselves to try a jelly bomb as they fear the consistency. It really isn’t like wading through gunge though, it’s very much like any other bath bomb, it is however a lot more moisturising.

Much like the other jelly bombs I have tried before, the Snow Fairy hisses away sending a burst of white foam with the odd speck of pink across the water surface as soon as it hits the water. Its scent is sugar-sweet, there is a Snow Fairy scented product list as long as my arm. In the Winter it is one of Lush’s biggest sellers, last year (2016) Lush released the brand new Snow Fairy body conditioner I loved it and I am hoping that the Snow Fairy jelly bomb is this year’s Snow Fairy scented Winter line newbie.

Photo 19-08-2017, 18 50 13

Just like the Big Sleep jelly bomb, once Snow Fairy hits the water it begins to bob around,  I noticed that the Snow Fairy jelly bomb reacted to being added to the water in exactly the same way as the Green Coconut jelly bomb does, the Dark Arts jelly bomb seems to explode of jelly within seconds, where as the Snow Fairy and Green Coconut jelly bombs take their time.

I didn’t like the Snow Fairy scent that much when I first got into Lush, it did however grow on me and now I always look forward to seeing what product Lush create next with its scent. If the Snow Fairy jelly bomb does become a part of this years Winter line, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Father Christmas bath bomb again… (also Snow Fairy scented).

Photo 19-08-2017, 18 51 53.png

For scent and design the Snow fairy jelly bomb gets a 10 out of 10 from me, in my opinion it is by far the prettiest of the jelly bombs, I am however biased as I have never been able to resist anything pink or anything that includes stars.

The only thing I noticed about the Snow Fairy jelly bomb in comparison to the others is how long it took to dissolve. I have the patience of a saint but after 25 minutes I ended up crushing what remained of the jelly bomb up in my hands. This task isn’t easy, with the jelly bits covering most of what remained, it was like playing catch with a fish, which I guess would be quite fun for kids.

Photo 19-08-2017, 18 54 56.png

Be that as it may, upon getting out of the Snow Fairy jelly bomb bath, my skin did feel amazingly soft and just as moisturised as when I had used the other jelly bombs. The effect the seaweed based sodium alginate ingredient has on your skin is like nothing I have experienced in a cosmetic product before. The Lush jelly bombs are a game changer in regards to skincare, even after a day has passed, your skin still feels soft, smooth and fabulous after sharing a bath with a jelly bomb.

If you find the Snow Fairy scent too sweet, (I did at first myself, don’t feel like an outsider) you’ll be pleased to know that even though its scent does stay with you, it is no where near as strong as when the jelly bomb is first in your hands. It stays on your skin for the best part of the next day but has a very gentle, soft and pleasant aroma. Like the scent that the So White bath bomb has, I find it really comforting.

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Rump Bottom Rub from Lush

Rump Bottom Rub

The Rump Bottom Rub was first released as a Lush Summit exclusive back in February 2017, this Summer it became a part of Lush UK’s regular line giving me and many others the opportunity to give it a go too.

First things first, I guess I should explain what Rump bottom rub is all about. A big clue is its name, obviously bottom rub is primarily a cream you put on your bum, Rumps purpose is however more than just a moisturiser for your butt. Rump bottom rub was designed with athletes in mind, its label reads, ‘Ideal for cyclists, runners and all who experience resistance where there should be ease and harmony.’

Although with me being in a wheelchair there’s no risk of me running the marathon or joining in with any cycling events anytime soon it’s labelled as a product that will ‘make your derrière great again,’ I couldn’t help but buy myself a tub based just on that line.

Rump Bottom Rub 2

Rump is a thick orange creamy formula with a pinch of gold lustre on its top, as mentioned above, this rub was designed with athletes in mind and I have found it particularly useful when trying to slip my swimming costume on and off for my hydro sessions. A quick rub down of this cream on my thighs also helps me slip my leggings back on which is something I really struggle with after hydro as all my muscles seize up once I am out of the warm water.

Unfortunately my hydro sessions don’t happen anymore as somebody high up and clueless closed down my local hydro pool. It’s had a really bad effect on me physically but at least I can still use this cream on my bum, thighs and legs, it gives me a little confidence which is something I lack.

Rump contains cupuacu butter, aloe vera and avocado butter, all 3 of these ingredients have skin conditioning properties and are very effective ingredients for the cooling and soothing of the skin. Although I haven’t noticed much of a difference on my stretch marks my surrounding skin does feel much softer to the touch. This bottom rub also contains caffeine, I am sensitive to caffeine so have been conscious in regards to how much of this rub I put on myself. After frequent use, (little but often) my ‘derrière’ is noticeably firmer which pleases me to no end, I feel more comfortable with the idea of me being in a swimming costume for my upcoming honeymoon now too.


Rumps scent is a very gentle one, the chamomile in it is probably the easiest of its ingredients to identify, the added extra of rose water and oil gives it a floral edge although much like the Sex Bomb bath bomb it’s a younger floral fragrance that doesn’t leave you smelling like your nan’s prized handkerchief.

Overall I am really satisfied with this product, although the only opportunity I have had to test it for athletic reasons is in my hydro sessions, it did make a difference for me in regards to swimming costume chaffing… I can’t believe I just wrote that online for the world to see, but I promised to always be honest when I started this blog.

Rump will be coming with me on my honeymoon, I imagine because of its ingredients it will be a great product to apply after a day in the sun. I love Rump, at first I honestly thought it was just a novelty product but its effects have impressed me far beyond my original expectations.

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Marmalade Jelly Bomb from Lush

Marmalade Jelly Bomb

The Marmalade Jelly Bomb is the last of the 4 recently released jelly bombs that I have yet to review. At first I really wasn’t sold on the idea behind the jelly bomb however after trying and enjoying The Big Sleep, Green Coconut and Dark Arts jelly bombs I was eager to try out Marmalade. When the information on these 4 jelly bombs leaked online, I admit that out of the 4 of them I was most excited to try Marmalade as I am a sucker for anything citrus.

Including a long list of brightening, uplifting and awakening ingredients – Brazilian orange, grapefruit and orange flower absolute to name just a few, I was so sure that sharing a bath with the Marmalade jelly bomb was going to be an amazing experience.

When my postman delivered my parcel containing the Marmalade jelly bomb I opened it up and was instantly greeted with a very bitter and sharp citrus scent, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. The grapefruit in the Marmalade jelly bomb was completely different from what I had grown to love throughout the use of the Frozen bath bomb. The Marmalade jelly bomb’s scent is very intense, so much so that I was hoping that the scent dampened down somewhat once put into the bath water.

Unlike the other 3 jelly bombs Marmalade has an extra hidden treat, inside is several chunks of orange slice reminiscent of the, The Sicilian bath bomb. As Marmalade comes into contact with your bath water it begins to ferociously hiss, sending a thin layer of small orange bubbles with a jelly like foam consistency across the waters surface. It was at this point that I realised the scent of Marmalade wasn’t going to dampen down, instead of the bath water diluting the jelly bombs scent it in fact strengthened it. It was at this point that I realised I’d finally come across a citrus based Lush product that I didn’t like.

I called my husbands name, I have very unstable joints so need assistance when getting in and out of the bath, I didn’t want to stay in the bath or the bathroom for another second. With the jelly bombs I advise being in the bath when you use them, this is because as the jelly forms it can make the bath quite slippery. I find that the slippery surface does however disappear as the jelly slowly dissolves into water. I got out and because I hadn’t given the jelly a chance to dissolve the bath tub needed a good hose down.

Even though I was only in the water with the Marmalade jelly bomb for a few minutes I did notice how soft and hydrated my legs felt once out. If you can stomach this jelly bombs scent then I’d definitely recommend it if you have dry skin, the effect the seaweed based sodium alginate ingredient within the new jelly bombs has on your skin is like nothing I have experienced while using Lush before. Each of the jelly bombs have left my skin in the perfect condition. Soft, hydrated and bright.

I personally won’t be using the Marmalade jelly bomb again based just on its scent. Unfortunately it’s just not a scent I enjoy. I get a lot of comments on my Instagram account saying that I ‘big up’ all of the Lush products regardless of how I actually feel about them. This isn’t true at all, I always tell the truth and I guess this post is proof. It’s not often I dislike a Lush product but sadly when it comes down to the Marmalade jelly bomb I’m not keen. It does have good qualities too and I have mentioned them above, scent is however very important to me when it comes down to Lush products so on scent alone I won’t be buying this jelly bomb again.

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Bubble Spinner Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

Bubble Spinner Bubble Bar

When I first see the Bubble Spinner Reusable Bubble Bar on Instagram I wasn’t going to get it as I was determined to start saving some money for when Lush release their Christmas line later this year. Once I learnt of its ingredients I however changed my mind and grabbed 3. With lime, grapefruit and lemon oil in the Bubble Spinner was right up my street, there’s nothing I like more than a bright and cheery citrus scented bath product.

The Bubble Spinner was designed with a fidget spinner in mind, I can’t be the only person in the world that wasn’t entirely sure what a fidget spinner is up until very recently? Just in case you are as clueless and uncool as me I took the liberty of finding out the definition of what it is. According to the online Collins English Dictionary, a fidget spinner is a small toy comprising of two or three prongs arranged around a central bearing, designed to be spun by the fingers as a means of improving concentration or relieving stress. – So now you know let’s get on with the review…


The Bubble Spinner is a reusable bubble bar, it has a wooden pin in it that allows the bubble bar part of it to spin either in your hands or as the tap water hits it, kind of like a water mill. It has 3 spokes one pink, one blue and one yellow, these are all connected together by a white inner ring.

Reusable bubble bars are slightly different to the normal bubble bars, you don’t have to break a reusable bubble bar up to use it, you simply run it under the tap to create bubbles. Once you have the desired amount of bubbles you then put it somewhere it can dry off, ready for the next time you want to use it. As the Bubble Spinner is submerged with water running out of the tap, its scent really hits you. Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will know that I have a soft spot for the citrus scented products. To me, Bubble Spinners scent is the perfect mix of the Dragon’s Egg and Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb.


Sometimes I find that the reusable bubble bars don’t create quite as many bubbles as the ordinary ones do, I found that with Bubble Spinner this wasn’t the case. I got 3 very generously bubbled bubble baths out of just one Bubble Spinner. Another trait that reusable bubble bars have is that they don’t create as vivid colour water, this wasn’t really a huge issue with me for Bubble Spinner as the scent won it over for me.

Another thing that impressed me about the Bubble Spinner was that its scent lasted throughout the whole bath. It also lasted on my skin although once I got out of the bath my skin wasn’t left as well nourished as I’d have liked, if the Bubble Spinner was just a little more moisturising I’d go as far as to say that it would be one of my favourites.

I know Lush are notorious for bringing out copious amounts of citrus scented products and because of this, some fans get frustrated. It however wasn’t until I started using Lush that I realised there are so many variations of citrus scents. The Bubble Spinners scent has really, really impressed me and it is probably my favourite of the reusable bubble bars that I have tried so far. If you’re looking for a product that will brighten your mood while also waking you up then I’d definitely recommend giving this bubble bar a go.

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The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb from Lush

The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb

Anything with ‘sleep’ in its name always gets my attention. Apart from taking Lush baths my next favourite hobby is most definitely sleeping, I am however not very good at it so anything that could help me improve my ability to sleep is always very welcome. The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb is neck and neck favourite for me with the Dark Arts jelly bomb. I honestly didn’t think I would like any of the new jelly bombs at all but here I am ranting and raving about yet another.

The Lush Jelly Bombs look just like an ordinary Lush bath bomb they however have a magic ingredient, sodium alginate. This ingredient is what divides the normal bath bombs to the jelly ones. Jelly bombs are meant to work in exactly the same way as the normal bath bombs, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is, instead of just exploding with colour jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead.


Containing lavender, tonka, neroli and chamomile the Big Sleep is the next best thing to a sleeping potion, there is no better combination of ingredients to help you wind down and relax. Although this is quite a powerful blend of essential oils Big Sleep’s scent isn’t at all overpowering, it’s a delicate and soothing mix. Its scent as a whole reminds me of several different Lush products such as the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, Twilight and Golden Slumbers bath bomb.

Instantly after coming into contact with the water The Big Sleep begins to bob around, spreading blue foam across its surface. I noticed that unlike the Dark Arts jelly bomb, the Big Sleep took a lot longer to create its jelly layer.


Once the layer of silky smooth jelly forms on the baths surface you start to really feel the benefits of it. My skin had never felt so well nourished before, the effect the seaweed based sodium alginate ingredient has on your skin is like nothing I have experienced while using Lush before. You heard it here first, the jelly bombs are going to change your life. Even the next day my skin feels soft, smooth and fabulous.

Big Sleeps scent once in the bath doesn’t intensify at all making it a good product to use if you’re sensitive to some of Lush’s more powerful scents.

After about 10 minutes the jelly dissolves into just bath water leaving you with a deep blue lagoon of silky smooth water. It’s hard to describe, I don’t want to mislead you by saying it ‘thickens the water’ as if someone said that to me I’d assume that the jelly and water had began to set. This isn’t the case at all. The dissolved jelly simply just adds a softness to the water and not in an oily way either, it’s so pleasant on the skin.

Overall I am really impressed with this jelly bomb. The Big Sleep was in fact the first of the 4 jelly bombs that I reordered, what I thought was going to be a group of novelty products have really opened my eyes. If you want an easy way to add hydration to your skin while not getting oily then the jelly bombs are perfect for you.

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Green Coconut Jelly Bomb from Lush

Green Coconut Jelly BombWhen I heard of Lush’s latest invention the Jelly Bath Bomb, I was a little weirded out but equally curious and excited too. The Lush Jelly Bombs look just like an ordinary Lush bath bomb they however have a magic ingredient, sodium alginate. This ingredient is what divides the normal bath bombs to the jelly ones. Jelly bombs are meant to work in exactly the same way as the normal bath bombs, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is, instead of just exploding with colour jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead.

Although I was initially a little freaked out at the idea of potentially bathing in slime, I found my first experience with the jelly bombs very pleasant. I tried the Dark Arts one first as I thought I’d hate that one the most, upon using it I was shocked at how much I had enjoyed it. It made for a very lovely bath. Which of course left me feeling terrible, (as always) as I had yet again doubted Lush by questioning Lush’s decision to release such a ‘weird’ product.

The Green Coconuts scent was not what I had expected at all, the clue of it being coconutty is in its name but I was expecting it to be very similar to the Big Calm shower jelly and Yellow Submarine bath bomb. I feel it is a lot smokier than Big Calm, it also has a splash of spice from the cinnamon leaf oil in it. When I first had it in my hands there were aspects of it that reminded me of the Yog Nog bath bomb, this association didn’t however last as soon after that I decided that I thought it smelt like korma sauce.

Once I had the korma sauce comparison in my head it was all I could smell, it made me worried to use it, a korma is one of my favourite meals but this didn’t mean I wanted to bathe in it?.

Instantly after coming into contact with the water Green Coconut begins to spin, spreading green foam across its surface. I noticed that unlike the Dark Arts jelly bomb, the Green Coconut foam took a lot longer to form into a jelly layer. It also didn’t have nearly as much as the Dark Arts had too.

It’s scent once in the bath became a lot more subtle, I was glad of this as it was now a fragrance I was happy to bathe in, although it did still leave me craving an Indian takeaway.

Eventually a layer of silky smooth jelly formed on the baths surface, my skin had never felt so well nourished before, the effect the seaweed based sodium alginate ingredient has on your skin is like nothing I have experienced while using Lush before, I am so, so impressed so much so that I am struggling to put it into words.

After about 10 minutes the jelly dissolves into just bath water, it thickens the water ever so slightly but in a smooth way, the water just feels so much softer. Green Coconut is by far the most moisturising baths I have had to date. If silk could be made into liquid form I suspect the bath water that Green Coconut creates would be it. I honestly believe that my skin wouldn’t feel this hydrated and soft even if I went swimming in a gigantic pot of Sleep body lotion.

After everything has dissolved you’re left with bright green water, it’s not quite as bright as the Fizzbanger bath bomb‘s green, I’d describe it as more of a bright but pastel green. Overall I am really impressed with this jelly bomb, so much so that I have more on the way. What I thought was going to be a novelty product has opened my eyes and I now intend on trying every jelly bomb Lush ever create!

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Secret Arts Jelly Bomb from Lush

It seems that since Lush Cosmetics released their brand new Jelly Bomb range earlier this month everyone has gone mad for the darkest of the 4 first, the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb (formally known as the Dark Arts Jelly Bomb). Inspired by Harry Potter, the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb is like nothing I have used from Lush before. Some mistakenly think it is a lot like the Metamorphosis bath bomb. From the outside I agree, I can see why people may compare it, inside of it is however a completely different story.

Seeing as this is the first jelly bomb that I have reviewed I thought it would be wise to explain what they are. Jelly bombs look just like the average Lush bath bomb, they also work in the same way, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is, instead of creating foam, jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead. Although I was initially a little freaked out at the idea I found the experience quite pleasant. It wasn’t like wading through a bath full of gunge at all.

Dark Arts 2

As soon as the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb hits the water its scent fills the room. Dark Arts Secret Arts shares a scent with one of my favourite discontinued, Christmas-time bath bombs called Cinders. It is always a pleasure to revisit a Lush scent through a different format, the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb has a delicate sweet, musky, warm and spicy aroma. Instantly after coming into contact with the water Dark Arts Secret Arts begins to spin, spreading a thick and jelly like foam on its surface.

At this point I was hesitant to how much mess this jelly bomb was actually going to make, I felt like a killer whale in an oil spill. The jelly foam was a sparkling black and the water underneath it was growing darker and darker with every second. Pushing this anxiety to one side I lay back to enjoy Dark Art’s Secret Art’s cinnamon scent.


It didn’t take long before the temptation to play with the jelly got too much and I couldn’t help but grab some to have a feel. At the point of grabbing a handful the realisation of how dark and thick this jelly was hit me, I knew it was going to be a completely different bathing experience from what I had ever had before, it just felt so alien and bizarre to me.

Looking at it in my hand I was instantly filled with dread, if my husband see this in our bath tub he’d go mad. Once the jelly bomb had all dissolved I swished my hands around it a bit, the jelly was getting thinner. Underneath me I could feel myself slide forward in the bath tub, it was at this point very, very slippery. I made a mental note to always use jelly bombs when I was already in the bath just to avoid any accidents.


The inside of the Dark Arts Secret Arts jelly bomb is a bright pink, this surprise was however short lived as the blackness soon overtook the little pink that had frothed out of the jelly bomb. As I sat in the bath I noticed that the jelly had slowly turned to just water, all that was left in the bath tub was very dark but fantastically soothingly-soft water. I prepared myself to get out, grabbing a flannel to help remove any dark residue that had been left on my body. I was shocked to find out that there wasn’t a splash on me. I asked my husband to wipe off any that was left on my back, again there wasn’t a single blob.

I was really, really surprised by this. As the bath drained I was completely lost for words when there wasn’t a ‘dark mark’ in sight (sorry for another Harry Potter reference…) I was expecting the aftermath of Dark Arts Secret Arts to be like that of the Lava Lamp bath bombs and it wasn’t at all.


I gave the tub a quick rub over with a sponge and Fairy Liquid before I got out, my husband then rinsed it out as he always does. I find the darker colours in Lush products tend to cling to any residue left in the tub, so doing the fairy liquid and rinse after every bath always helps things to stay clean. It honestly takes less than a minute and requires minimum effort.

Overall I am still very surprised with how much I enjoyed using this jelly bomb, I was expecting a royal mess and it wasn’t even an inch as bad as I had feared. It leaves my skin in tip top condition for days and days after using it, I have never gone so long without needing to moisturise. The scent still sits on my skin the next day too.

With it I do however recommend using it in a clean bath, just to avoid any of the colour gripping onto any old residue left in the tub from previous uses. If you’re unfortunate enough to get marks left in your bathtub I recommend using hot as you can stand it water and a dab of fairy liquid ASAP, it sponges off in no time and doesn’t break you into a sweat to do either!

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Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

img_4776To look at, the Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar is pretty much my dream product as I LOVE flamingos. My house is decorated heavily with them. Why? because they make me happy, what could be cooler than a big pink bird?!

The Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar was first introduced to the public on Lush Oxford Street’s opening day back on the 24th of April 2015. When I very first see it splashed all over Instagram I couldn’t help but be beside myself with excitement about getting hold of one.

Most of Lush’s reusable bubble bars are on sticks. For me, this makes using them a lot easier as all I need to do is hold it by the stick while letting the bubble bar bit go under the running tap. (I’ve explained in almost every one of my bubble bar reviews previous to this, how the bubble bar works etc. I have also gone into detail on how I have to use a sieve for the ordinary bubble bars as I don’t have a dual-temperature tap). This reason alone gives the stick based reusable bubble bars an advantage (in my house anyway!)


I however often find that Lush’s reusable bubble bars when compared to Lush’s standard bubble bars such as Pop in the Bath aren’t as good when used. I find that the reusable bubble bars don’t produce as many bubbles and I also find that the water colour they create is never as bright or bold in comparison unless you use almost most of the product which means it isn’t a reusable product at all. In spite of this, I was still very eager to try the Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar as Lush have proved me wrong on so many previous occasions.

Pink Flamingo is scented just how I had imagined. It has a very gentle citrus scent, one that reminds me of a fruity cocktail, what makes this bubble bars scent so unique from every other Lush product is its use of the bergamot and ylang ylang oils. Together they both give off a subtle fruity fragrance and appear to counteract each other somewhat. The scent although softened down by this clever mix of ingredients, is still very noticeable yet, not too in your face. It is the perfect summer scent that leaves you feeling uplifted and stress free.


At the start of this bubble bar review I predicted how the Pink Flamingo would perform in the bath. Unfortunately I was actually right for once, well.. Half right any way. The ordinary bubble bars run rings around the reusable ones performance wise. With Pink Flamingo I did however manage to get 2 more-than-adequately bubbled bubble baths out of just the one bar, it just took a little longer than I am used to.

Naturally with a reusable bubble bar I’d expect copious amounts of uses (so more than 2) but when you compare Pink Flamingo to the likes of the smaller bubble bars such as Yuzu and Cocoa or Granny Takes A Dip, it’s actually not that much different and is probably one of the better reusable bubble bars that Lush have released.

It takes a lot longer for the bubbles to emerge with this reusable bubble bar, though this is probably more of a reflection of my poor levels of patience than a reflection of the bubble bar itself. Even though the bubbles are slow to materialise the scent instantaneously fills my bathroom with a delicate citrus fragrance while at the same time it slowly turns the water underneath the thin-bubble-blanket a very bright, shade of pink.

Although I am a little disappointed that I could only get 2 baths out of the one Pink Flamingo it was a lot better than I had expected when comparing it to other reusable Lush products such as the Santasaurus. The only other thing that I feel is worth a mention is that the Pink Flamingo didn’t create particularly moisturising bath water for my skin to enjoy. Again I find this with all of the reusable bubble bars that I have tried so far so it wasn’t a very unexpected surprise.

With all of this in mind I have stored the Flamingo reusable bubble bar in the novelty-product-collection section of my brain. It was a lot better than I had expected off of a reusable product but hasn’t quite made it to my list of top 10 bubble bars. It is however a very beautifully designed product that never fails to catch people’s attention!

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