NEW Hot Lips Lip Mask and Scrub from Lush

The 2023 version of last Years Hot Lips Lip Mask and Scrub is exactly the same except for a change of colour, last years was a dark red and this years is a strikingly bright gold. (It may also be a little bit smaller, it’s hard to tell without the older version to compare) In 2022, Hot Lips was the first of its kind from Lush, we’d had similar products with Lush eye pads but until Hot Lips, we’d never had a lip mask.

Along with Hot Lips being a lip mask, it is also a lip scrub. I was very intrigued when I heard about this aspect of Hot Lips as before Hot Lips, all of Lush’s lip scrubs had been sold in a pot (for example, the Golden Pineapple lip scrub. There were a few solid lip scrubs that were released back in 2017 too, Black Rose being my favourite) but unfortunately, they didn’t sell well so were axed and have long been forgotten about…

As I said earlier, Hot Lips is made in a similar way to the fairly new Lush-product-invention, eye pads. Hot Lips has the same sturdy, jelly-like consistency and must be kept in your fridge until you’re ready to use it, staying fresh for 3 weeks.

Hot Lips is described on Lush’s website as being very similar scent wise, to a delicious Cherry Bakewell. Ingredients wise, Hot Lips contains, calendula petal and hibiscus flower infusion, carrageenan extract, bamboo stem extract (the scrubby aspect of the mask that I’ll talk more about later) and the following essential oils – davana, lime and almond.

To use Hot Lips as both a mask and scrub, there are 2 stages. Stage 1 is the lip mask aspect of it. All you have to do is take Hot Lips out of your fridge, unwrap it from its fully compostable wrapping paper, then place it on your lips for about 10 minutes. With it being fresh from the fridge, it’ll be super-cooling on your lips. The next step is to sit back, relax and let Hot Lips soothe and soften your lips.

Stage 2 of using Hot Lips is as a lip scrub. When I first got a hold of this product, I really wasn’t sure how well this product would work as a scrub. The grounded bamboo in Hot Lips however add a very gentle scrub like consistency. As you gently buff it over your lips the jelly slowly starts to break down becoming scrubbier. While I don’t think Hot Lips is as good as a lip scrub as Lush’s potted ones, the mask stage did soften my lips somewhat and the scrub stage did make my lips feel somewhat smoother.

Would I recommend using Hot Lips more than once? No. In this products case, fresh is best. With it being a product for your lips and one you have to handle a lot to use, I would say you should only really use it the once.

Although, it is plenty big enough for you to cut it in half (and still have enough product to cover all your lips at the mask stage) so if you want to stretch out 2 uses from it, that is a good solution. You just won’t have the novelty side of the product as cut into 2, it won’t be lip shaped anymore.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Hot Lips lip mask and scrub. It was nice to experience a different type of lip scrub and I was surprised at just how well it did work. Hot Lips is a fantastic addition to Lush’s Valentine’s Day line, and I look forward to seeing what Lush next come up with. Will we get an alternative colour next year as well?

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