Sleepy Shower Gel from Lush

Sleepy Shower Gel.png

The Sleepy Shower Gel is yet another product that is a member of the Lush-Scent-Family, Twilight. The Twilight scent is one of Lush’s most popular and it has been adapted into so many product formats over the years that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Just to confuse us, Lush sometimes bring out a product that shares a scent with another BUT names it something completely different. ‘Sleepy’ is another branch of Twilight scented products, alongside this new shower gel Lush also have a Sleepy body lotion and a Sleepy shower bomb too.

We already have Twilight shower gel so as happy as I was to see another adaptation of a Twilight scented product I did wonder if we actually needed it. The blame of my Lush addiction rests entirely on the shoulders of Twilight scented products (so no pressure Sleepy shower gel!)


The Twilight bath bomb was my very first experience of the Twilight/Sleepy scent. Sleepy shower gel like all of the other Twilight scented products contain lavender and tonka absolute, making it one of the most relaxing blends of soothing ingredients currently available. It’s perfect to use just before bed, hence the name ‘Sleepy’. As an insomniac anything with ‘Sleep’ in its name will always appeal to me.

On scent alone, if I was blind folded and asked to identify which shower gel was which out of Twilight and Sleepy, I don’t think I would be able to tell the difference. Scent wise both formulas are both just as ‘Twilight’ as the other, what sets the 2 apart is the fact Sleepy shower gel has an additional ingredient of oat milk.

The oat milk is what gives Sleepy the creamy consistency and complexion. I suspect Lush didn’t name Sleepy a shower cream because people would have compared it to Oaty Creamy Dreamy too much. Even though Lush have called Sleepy a shower gel, in my eyes it’s more of a shower cream.


Sleepy shower gel lathers up easily and a little of it goes a very long way too. This is something I always like in a shower gel, after all who doesn’t like getting more for their money?

Colour wise the gel is (according to Lush’s website) meant to be a very pale shade of purple, I think it looks more grey though. Once out of the bottle its shade does appear brighter with a slight hint of lilac, once lathered up it however goes back to appearing very grey. Not that its colour hinders its quality at all!

Is the Sleepy shower gel better on my skin in comparison to Twilight shower gel? Yes and no. If you look at it from a scent perspective then I can’t see a difference in the two, I would however say that Sleepy is much more soothing on the skin, the lavender and oat milk are a magical pairing of ingredients especially if you have very dry skin like me.

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Sleepy Shower Bomb from Lush

Sleepy Shower Bomb

I am so in love with Lush’s brand new invention, the Lush Moods shower bomb. They are the exact type of product that first got me into Lush. They make the practice of aromatherapy at home so quick and easy. Each of them showcase essential oils at their best.

Essential oils have so many positive benefits on your body and I’m excited to see Lush getting back to its roots by reintroducing us to long-loved essential oils, stripping them back in an attempt to enjoy the powers they hold, in ways people before us thousands of years ago used to use them too. Great examples of essential oils and some of their benefits are lavender oil to soothe and lime oil to uplift and refresh.

The new shower bombs redefine aromatherapy with their ingredients by engaging your senses, transforming your mood and altering your state of mind, all from just simply taking one of the 4 new shower bombs in to the shower with you.

The first one I tried was the Sleepy Shower Bomb. Shaped like a cloud with the word ‘Sleepy’ engraved onto its bottom (see below photo) it got my attention straight away.

I am no stranger to sleepless nights so I always gravitate towards the Lush products that are going to help me relax and wind down of a night time. The desired result is that I hopefully drift off into a deep and restful sleep, long before I’ve had a chance to check my clock, stressing over how many hours of sleep I have missed and how many I could get if I could fall asleep at that precise moment.

If this sounds familiar to you I’m sure you feel the same way as me and are open to trying anything that you think could help. I felt exactly like this, lost, stressed and tired when I first got into Lush a good few years ago. After researching essential oils I went into my very first Lush store and asked if they could point me towards anything with lavender oil in it. I left with a Twilight and Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb.


My first trip to a Lush store was obviously a success otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now! Although Lush haven’t cured my insomnia I find that several of their products do make the process of falling asleep a lot easier. One of those products is the aforementioned Twilight bath bomb. I was therefore delighted to learn that the Sleepy shower bomb actually shares its scent with the Twilight bath bomb.

This technically makes the Sleepy shower bomb the Twilight bath bombs shower equivalent. Which is a huge deal for all Twilight bath bomb fans who don’t always have the time to take a bath.  Rich with essential oils such as soothing lavender and comforting tonka absolute, I knew that I’d like Sleepy just from reading its ingredients list.

To use a shower bomb all you do is take it into the shower with you and hold it under the water, it will instantly expand and foam up. Lush then advise that you take a deep breath, allow the essential oils to surround you and then begin to cleanse yourself with the foam, just as you would use a shower gel.


The Sleepy shower bomb begins to foam within seconds, as soon as you put it in the stream of water the hot steam begins to spread its relaxing scent. Although the shower bombs aren’t as smooth as shower gels they pretty much work the same way. With the shower bombs being half foam half almost foam (solid) they are surprisingly good exfoliants too.

For the Sleepy shower bomb in particular I recommend breaking it in half and using it over 2 showers. By all means enjoy all of it in one shower if that’s what you want, I just found that there was way more product than what I actually needed in just the one shower.

I always use new Lush products with an open mind and if I am going to be honest I wasn’t very excited when I first see ‘shower bomb’s’ in the Lush Lab. I have however been swept away by the Sleepy shower bomb and I am pleased to announce that all 4 shower bombs are now available in all stores too!

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