Love Bug Bath Bomb from Lush

The Love Bug Bath Bomb is brand new to Lush and is a standout product from their 2022 Valentine’s Day range.

If you’ve been a Lush customer for some time and have shopped from past Valentine’s Day lines before now, you may have a slight feeling of déjà vu when giving the Love Bug bath bomb a sniff – and for good reason too… The Love Bug bath bomb shares its scent with the past and very popular Valentine’s Day product, the Love Boat bath bomb!

Colour wise, the Love Bug bath bomb is almost identical to Love Boat, the only real difference between the two bath bombs is the most obvious; One is a boat the other is a car and the second less obvious fact, the Love Bug bath bomb isn’t decorated with the confetti hearts like the Love Boat was.

I’ll admit, I was a little sad to see that the Love Boat bath bomb hadn’t made a return, but all was not lost with the Love Bug bath bomb being so similar.

The Love Bug bath bomb contains rose, organic sweet orange and Sicilian lemon oils. Its scent is a zesty and floral affair. The Sicilian lemon and sweet orange oil dominate the Love Bug bath bombs scent, it does however have a slight floral element to it too, the rose oil adds a soft sherbet like layer. I find its scent uplifting, refreshing and cheery.

Once the Love Bug bath bomb touches your bath water you are greeted with an explosion of thin pink, yellow and blue foam. As it fizzles away, the blue and yellow colours blend together creating streaks of green and the blue and pink blend together creating streaks of purple too.

The Love Bug is a quick fizzer taking approximately 7 minutes to fully dissolve. Its refreshing scent is strong throughout the whole bath and I can still smell it on my skin several hours after getting out.

The water left behind is silky smooth and a clear dark pink colour. The rose oil in it makes it a very soothing experience for Winter frazzled skin. After a good soak in a Love Bug bath, I feel revived and refreshed.

I didn’t get great photos of the Love Bug bath bomb in action, it’s a bath bomb you must experience for yourself to truly appreciate its beauty. For a bath bomb that is just pink, yellow, and blue I couldn’t quite believe all of the colours that exploded out of it. The rainbow of colours was just as good as those created by the actual Lush rainbow-bath-bombs, Toby’s Magic Cow and Follow the White Rabbit.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Love Bug bath bomb. It’s pretty much the same as Love Boat so if you are disappointed it didn’t make a return this year (or if you are looking for a product that gives you a similar experience) make sure you give the Love Bug bath bomb a go!

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