Mr Loba Loba Bath Bomb from Lush

As soon as the 2022 Lush Valentine’s Day products were revealed, I knew that the Mr Loba Loba Bath Bomb would be the first one that I grabbed. As you can see from the above and below photos, Mr Loba Loba is a gorgeous little lobster shaped bath bomb with a sprinkling of biodegradable red confetti hearts decorating its body.

The Mr Loba Loba bath bomb is approximately 100g, similar in size to the Sleepy Bear and Tick-Tock bath bombs.

Mr Loba Loba is a gloriously bright red and as I mentioned earlier, is lightly decorated with a sprinkling of confetti hearts. I love the inclusion of these in bath bombs, just like the bath bombs that contain popping candy I feel the confetti hearts add something a little extra for your visual pleasure.

The Mr Loba Loba bath bomb contains benzoin resinoid, tonka absolute and almond essential oil. Its scent is sweet yet warm. It smells almost like a blend of vanilla and some type of berry fruit, the almond essential oil adds a nuttiness to its fragrance, rounding off the tonka absolute. It’s incredibly moreish and a scent I would like to see more of from Lush.

What with the recent price hike on all of Lush’s products, I’d say that the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb is actually a quite reasonable price. I can see a lot of Lush’s future bath bombs being of a similar size just so Lush don’t begin to price themselves out. I don’t normally mention exact prices in my reviews as Lush do change their prices a lot.

Sadly, bath bombs are single-use-products, and I can’t even see myself, (a self-confessed Lush addict) wanting to spend much more on a single bath bomb, maybe smaller Lush bath bombs like Mr Loba Loba are the way of the future, who knows?

As soon as the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of red foam. I think it might just be the foamiest bath bomb that I have ever used from Lush.

Like the Lucky Tiger bath bomb, Mr Loba Loba isn’t a bath art creator, its unique selling point is its enchanting scent and just how foamy it is. It makes the most incredibly soft water and leaves your skin super hydrated.

As the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb floats around your bath, the red confetti hearts begin to break away from the bath bomb slowly decorating the water with perfect little love-hearts.

For its size the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb takes a lot longer to dissolve than I expected – a good 5 minutes. As I said earlier, it’s the foamiest bath bomb I have used in a very long time, this foam makes the water so, so soft and hydrating. My skin loved it; I didn’t want to get out of the bath.

Eventually, (and only because the water got too cold) I did have to get out of the bath and pull the plug. The scent remained on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day and left it feeling silky smooth!

Overall, I adore the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb. It’s a fantastic, novelty addition to the Valentine’s line. I’d love to see it year in, year out but am trying to not get too attached as Lush have a habit of making products like this one-hit-wonders…


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