Mother of Pearl Marbled Bubbleroon from Lush

Mother of Pearl Marbled BubbleroonThe Mother of Pearl Marbled Bubbleroon is one of three brand new, limited edition bubbleroons that are a part of Lush’s 2018 Mother’s Day line. With my favourite bubbleroon, Yuzu and Cocoa being discontinued last Summer, I have been waiting for something to fill the huge gap it has left. Bright blue in colour, Mother of Pearl is hard to miss.

What’s different about the 3 new Mother’s Day bubbleroons is that they have a marbled-effect-bath-melt on their top. A bit like fancy icing on top of a cupcake. Lush aren’t just dipping their bath bombs (i.e Roller) in bath melt to finish them off anymore, the Mother’s Day bubbleroons are also getting the dip treatment too now!

The Mother of Pearl marbled bubbleroon shares its scent with the Sakura bath bomb. Containing mimosa, orange and jasmine absolute you’d expect its scent to be quite heady and strong like the Fox bath bomb, instead it has a very light and sweet floral fragrance. I often find floral scents a little overpowering, Mother of Pearl is however gentle enough for me to enjoy thoroughly.

With its gentle mix of floral ingredients, Mother of Pearl has a very refreshing and clean fragrance. It reminds me of freshly washed bed sheets, sinking into a Mother of Pearl bubble bath is just like slipping into a freshly made bed.


With bubbleroons I like to dice them up (still in large chunks not crumbled up) and then run them under the tap in a sieve. There’s no wrong way to use Lush bubble bars, the sieve is just my chosen method as I find you get the right amount of bubbles with it, I have quite low water pressure, after much trial and error I have found this method to be the most effective in my bathroom. Just one Mother of Pearl bubbleroon can be spread across 3 beautiful bubble baths.

What first impressed me about the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon was its bubble power. I found with the Heart of Enlightened Expectation (an earlier released bubble bar with a bath melt top) that the bubbles didn’t last for as long as I had hoped, I thought that this was probably because of the melt. I however didn’t have this problem with the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon.c

The water underneath the blanket of fluffy white bubbles was also such a vivid and dazzling shade of blue, I couldn’t help but take a picture of it alongside my fluorescent pink nails just to emphasise how truly spectacular the shade of blue water was.

Used alongside Lush’s Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub (also the same scent as Mother of Pearl) my skin has never felt better. The Mother of Pearl bubbleroon is super hydrating all on its own but paired up with Rub, Rub, Rub is a game changer for me. I will certainly be stocking up on this bubbleroon before the Mother’s Day line retires for another year.

If you’re looking for a product with a gentle scent that’s fit not just for Spring but the Summer too then I strongly recommend trying the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon. It’s so hydrating on the skin and it’s making me so excited for the Summer!

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Author: Lulu

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