Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt from Lush

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt

The Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt is a Lush golden oldie that has made a return to all stores for 2017’s Winter line. Last year several Lush products received face lifts, the most noticeable being the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. This year Star Light Star Bright was the product to be tweaked.

In store you cannot see any obvious differences between the old and new versions. When you however use it, its alterations become crystal clear. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of using the previous version so I can only compare from other people’s photographs. Even without these photographs I have heard no negative feedback in regards to how it has been altered at all, I therefore feel safe in saying that it’s an improvement.

Star Light Star Bright is one of the largest of the Lush bath melts that I have tried, seeing as I haven’t ever been very keen on the Snow Angel bath melt I was really pleased to see an alternative larger bath melt included in this years regular Winter line.

The Star Light Star Bright bath melt is exactly the same size as the Stardust bath bomb, I’m sad this bath bomb didn’t make a return this year, Star Light Star Bright has however helped fill the void its absence has left. As Lush bath melts go, Star Light Star Bright is rather heavy, sadly some of the ones I have used have been sinkers, others have however worked well. Even the sinkers create some of the prettiest bath art when held at the water surface.

Ideally I’d love for them all to float as holding them is a lot more effort than I’d like to exert when attempting to take a relaxing bath, the bath art is however worth it. As soon as the Star Light Star Bright bath melt comes into contact with the water its coat of biodegradable, silver-lustre begins to float off of the bath melt revealing a plain white star. As this goes on, the bath water becomes decorated with the most beautiful, silver shimmer leaving you feeling like the nights sky.

Star Light Star Bright is often mistaken for a bath bomb, this is because of its larger size and also because of its performance in the bath. Upon first use, once the silver lustre had separated from the melt I thought that, that was the end of this products show. Then an explosion of colour burst out of it.

Most of the bath melts I have used previous to this have never created so much colour and beautiful bath art. Normally I find that the melts just melt away, leaving hardly any colour at all, for this reason I would say that Star Light Star Bright is truly one of a kind.

This bath melt is also perfect for winter battered skin, it makes the water so soft and hydrating with its murumuru butter, when the colours erupt from it, it shows a variety of colours reminiscent of the Roller bath bomb, both for the pretty patterns and its colours.

Scent wise, Star Light Star Bright is one of the more subtle scented products available in this years winter range. Containing ginger, lime and lavender oil I expected it to have more of a kick. It’s lighter scent however works very well with me, sometimes its nice to try a lighter scent.

If you’re lucky enough to purchase A Star Light Star Bright bath melt that doesn’t sink then you’re in for one of the prettiest baths Lush have created to date. Sinker or not, the hydrating qualities of this melt are spot-on. The colourful show it puts on (if it does stay afloat) makes this bath melt worth every penny too. I’ll finish this review off with a photograph I took of the water once the bath melt had dissolved, it creates one of the prettiest baths I have ever had the pleasure of soaking in.


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