Yuzu and Cocoa Liquid Perfume from Lush

Yuzu and Cocoa Liquid Perfume.pngThe Yuzu and Cocoa Scent is a Lush fragrance that I know I would adore in any format that Lush choose to make it into. Alongside the Comforter it was one of the first Lush scents that I fell in love with. When the Yuzu and Cocoa Liquid Perfume came up on the Lush Kitchen menu a month or so ago, I was of course ridiculously excited. On the rare occasion that the Kitchen do release a perfume, they sometimes do both a liquid and a solid version. In the most recent week that the Lush Kitchen had Yuzu and Cocoa perfume on their menu, it had both the liquid and the solid versions up for grabs. Yay!

I rarely buy the liquid perfumes, opting for the cheaper solid versions instead, however if it’s a scent that I know I love, I do treat myself and grab a liquid. The liquid perfumes are quite pricey but since trying them I now wouldn’t buy my perfume from anywhere else. The quality that Lush make their perfumes to makes every penny you pay for them worth it.

yuzu-cocoa-plusSharing its scent with both the shower cream and bubbleroon of the same name, shown in the photo above, the Yuzu and Cocoa liquid perfume is everything I imagined and more. One spray on the wrist leaves me smelling like jaffa cakes all day through. When I want the perfume to be a little stronger I also do one spritz on my clothes. Although I bitterly regret not buying the Yuzu and Cocoa solid perfume too, being able to spritz a bit of perfume on your clothes instead of just being able to rub it on your skin does give the liquid perfumes an advantage over the solids. Another thing I like to do with this perfume in particular is spray one spritz into my hair, my hair just carries the scent so well and everyone likes nice smelling hair!

I have only just started to include Lush perfume reviews on Lush Upon A Time as I know there isn’t too much you can say about a perfume, especially if you have reviewed something that shares the scent before. What people want to know is, one, does it smell good? and 2, does it last? The answer to both of those questions are yes. I would buy this perfume time and time again if given the opportunity. The Yuzu and Cocoa scent always leaves me wanting more, I will even admit to declaring that the shower cream smelt so good on my skin after using it, that it made me want to eat my own arm.

I have my fingers crossed that the UK Lush Kitchen follow in Lush Kitchen Japan’s footsteps as they have just released a batch of Yuzu and Cocoa body lotion. If I ever got my hands on a pot of that I’d be one very happy Lushie… Fingers crossed!

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