Psychodelic Bubble Bar from Lush

I had never actually heard of the Psychodelic Bubble Bar until it was released on the Lush Kitchen menu earlier this year (2017). It’s clear to see that it’s a looker, the colours alone sold it to me within seconds of seeing it.

There’s just something about the blue, white and yellow that gives off a really happy vibe, no one can deny that we all need a little more happiness in our life, so I ordered a few when they were up for grabs.

When I opened the parcel with them in I was greeted with a Lush scent that I hadn’t come across before. I always skim read the ingredients list before purchasing anything that is new to me, this however doesn’t always help as 9 times out of 10, when I get a product in my hands it smells nothing like how I had imagined.

Reading the list of ingredients in the Psychodelic bubble bar it was the cinnamon leaf and sweet orange oil that stood out for me. I love cinnamon for its warming properties and sweet orange oil for how it refreshes and revives not only your skin but also your state of mind. I wasn’t too sure what cinnamon and orange oil would smell like together but I knew as soon as the bubble bar arrived that they were a match made in heaven.

The Psychodelic bubble bars scent is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. The most dominant ingredient in it is definitely the sweet orange oil, the cinnamon that is paired with it rounds the sweetness off unlike any Lush product I have used before. Someone on Instagram described this bubble bar as being similar to the Phoenix Rising bath bomb, I don’t disagree, I can see what they mean but they are not the same scent. Together the both of them would however make a very good bath cocktail.

Psychodelic is a similar size to the Bar Humbug bubble bar, if you’ve read any of my bubble bar reviews previous to this one then you’d know that I prefer the bigger bubble bars such as The Comforter. Lush however prove time and time again that good products come in all shapes and sizes.

I like to make bubble bars that are the same size as the Psychodelic spread out over (at the very least) 2 baths. Sometimes with Lush the smallest amount of product goes a very long way, with Psychodelic I however had to use a whole one in just the one bath to get the most out of it.

It created a thick blanket of fluffy-white bubbles and the water beneath it was a dazzling turquoise colour. The scent of it became very subtle once in the water, it was in fact almost undetectable by the time I got into the bath which was a little disappointing.

It however worked like magic on my skin, a soak in a Psychodelic bath left my skin feeling soft and as fresh as a daisy. Although the scent didn’t last I did really enjoy the vivid colours of this bubble bar, the turquoise water it created was so inviting and I will be using it again just not on its own. If anyone has any suggestions of what you think would go well with it please pop them below! 🙂

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Author: Lulu

Hello, my name is Lulu and I am a 33 year old with a very unhealthy obsession with Lush Cosmetics. I mostly blog about Lush but I also do posts that touch upon disability, mental health and invisible illnesses on various other social media platforms. If you can read this then I guess I should thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you again soon! :)