UFO Bath Bomb from Lush

The UFO Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2022 Halloween line. 

UFO is not the average type of bath bomb either, it has been specifically designed so that it can be used over 3 baths, although most people (including myself) use it all as one as it makes one truly epic Halloween bath!

The UFO bath bomb is 3 different products in 1, the photo above is all of the bath bomb pieced together. The photo below is the bath bomb with its lid off, inside of it are green bath salts. Photo 3 in this post is the bath bombs lid which can be used as a bath bomb on its own too.

As I said earlier, I used all 3 parts of this product in one bath starting with tipping the green bath salt into the bath water as the bath was filling up.

I was really surprised at how quickly the green bath salt changed the colour of the water, to be honest I was surprised it changed the colour of the water at all!

The bath water was a glorious neon green before I’d even finished running the bath, the bath salt also left the bath water so incredibly soft.

I then put the lid in the photo above on top of the yellow piece, placing it back together again before putting the UFO bath bomb into the water.

Upon putting it in to the water you are greeted with a gentle hiss as yellow foam bursts out of the bomb. As the yellow part of the UFO bath bomb is hollow it doesn’t take long for the blue lid-part of the bath bomb to come into contact with the water too.

Blue and yellow foam slowly starts to create swirling patterns on the water’s surface, the colours and bath art it created remind me of the now retired, Fizzbanger bath bomb.

After about 5 minutes, all of the UFO bath bomb has fully dissolved, and you are left with a darker green (but still neon green) bath water.

Now that I have talked through how I personally used the UFO bath bomb let’s get into its scent.

The UFO bath bomb has a brand new Lush scent, on Lush’s website they describe the UFO bath bomb as ‘lemonade-scented’. When I sniff it, I don’t get reminded of lemonade at all, I get a slightly more complicated scent. It’s a tart and almost smoky, lemon and blackcurrant like fragrance.

The UFO bath bomb contains coarse sea salt, blackcurrant absolute and Sicilian lemon and lemongrass oils.

Lush’s website also says that the UFO bath bomb contains popping candy which I believe is in amongst the green bath salt, although, my UFO bath bomb didn’t seem to contain any popping candy. There were no snaps, crackles, or pops for me.

As I said earlier, the UFO bath bomb takes approximately 5 minutes to fully dissolve, some other bath bombs that include sea salt such as the Geo Phyzz bath bomb have bigger chunks of salt so can scratch your bottom a little, UFO’s salt is however a lot finer and seems to dissolve very quickly!

Laying back in the bath water left behind by the UFO bath bomb is a true escape from the stresses of real life. I find UFO both uplifting and calming.

The bath water is silky smooth, and my skin laps it up, upon getting out of the bath my skin feels and looks brighter too. The scent doesn’t last on my skin very long.

UFO also isn’t the most hydrating of bath bombs, but it doesn’t leave my skin any dryer than normal.

This year’s Halloween range was Lush’s biggest yet and sadly I did overlook the UFO bath bomb over the likes of the Big FootScreamo and I Want My Mummy bath bombs, this wasn’t intentional, I guess one of them had to be the last one I used…

I think I left it until last as it’s so different from the standard bath bomb. We’ve had similar products such as the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb but nothing like this for Halloween.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the UFO bath bomb, I hope Lush introduce us to more products with colourful bath salts in, in the future. I think they really do help soften the water and make bath time a lot more fun. 😊

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