The Rift Bath Bomb from Lush

Lush have recently started to do product collaborations with a vast list of other likeminded businesses, companies and more.

These seemingly popular collaborations have been churned out by Lush at such a rapid rate that it’s been difficult to keep up. None of the collaborations have however got me quite as excited as Lush’s collaboration with Netflix’s science-fiction television series, STRANGER THINGS.

If I’m being completely honest, I pretty much live under a rock and most of the collaborations before this one has been collaborations with tv shows/clothing companies that I’m not at all familiar with. 

Stranger Things I have however heard of; I’d go as far as to say that I’m a super fan. Even after using the products, I still can’t quite believe a Lush X Stranger Things collaboration has even happened?! MY MIND IS BLOWN!

Released back in November 2022, the Lush X Stranger Things collaboration is a gift set called the HFC Bathing Duo, AKA the HELL FIRE CLUB BATHING DUO. It contains 2 bath bombs, the D8 Bath Bomb and the, The Rift Bath Bomb. Today’s review is going to be on the, The Rift Bath Bomb.

The Rift bath bomb is a black, red, orange, and yellow bath bomb. It’s designed to look like the gate opening that leads from our world to the upside down. If you’ve never watched Stranger Things none of this will mean anything to you, please, go watch it. I promise you won’t regret it.

The Rift is quite unique to any other Lush bath bomb made before now, it’s mostly black but has a slight lava or fire coloured split in it, this colourful bit is Lush’s bath bomb interpretation of the gate/rift from Stranger Things.

The Rift bath bomb shares its scent with the Cinders bath bomb and Cinders shower gel. It’s a very popular scent for the Wintertime and works really well within the whole Stranger Things theme.

The Rift has a long list of ingredients, some of the essential oils that are included are, clove bud, almond, Brazilian orange, and cinnamon leaf.

The Cinders scent family is sweet, yet spicy and warm. Thanks to its magical cinnamon ingredient laying back in the, The Rifts waters is like having thousands of tiny hands massaging your tired and aching muscles. It makes your skin tingle, in a good way.

As soon as you place the, The Rift bath bomb into the water it starts to gently hiss. I was surprised to see that the bath bombs black layer on its outside was thin. Underneath the thin layer of black is bright orange. Orange bubbles start to fizzle out of it as it floats around your bath. The Rift isn’t a super foamy bath bomb, but it produces plenty of colour.

Slowly but surely the, The Rift bath bomb floats around your bath, charging around like a little speed boat. Orange, black, yellow, and red bath art begins to unfold. It doesn’t take long for the popping candy in The Rift to make an appearance either, it snaps, crackles and pops away, really putting on a show.

The photographs I have included in this review do the bath bomb no justice at all. After approximately 5 minutes the bath bomb has fully dissolved, and the water left behind is a super-inviting blood orange colour.

I really wasn’t expecting such great bath art from the, The Rift bath bomb, the blood orange water afterwards was a surprise too. I honestly expected it to be much darker or completely black like the waters left behind by the Bewitched bubble bar.

The scent from The Rift lasts throughout the whole of your bath and leaves you feeling warm and cheery.

Overall, I LOVED THIS COLLABORATION. I don’t think Lush could ever top it. As I said at the start of this review, I’m still lost for words that it even happened. I can’t wait to see what/who Lush decide to collaborate with next!

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