Slammer Bath Bomb from Lush

I’ve said in several of my previous reviews on products from the Lush Kitchen subscription boxes that the main reason that I subscribe to the service is for the chance to try long-gone, discontinued products from Lush’s past and the Slammer Bath Bomb is one of those products!

I was over the moon to see that it had made it into January 2023’s Lush Kitchen subscription box. It’s rare for an old product to be new to me so I always get excited when I do get a hold of one.

The Slammer bath bomb shares its scent with the shower gel of the same name, Slammer shower gel.

This yellow and green bath bomb really stood out amongst the other treats in the January 2023 box, I couldn’t help but buy another on eBay as soon as my box arrived.

Slammer contains lime, litsea cubeba and Sicilian lemon oils so is full of energy boosting ingredients, it is the perfect product to help fuel an early-morning-start AND (although I don’t drink alcohol so cannot say this from personal experience) it is also said to be really good to use when you’ve got a hangover.

It has such a refreshing, zingy fragrance yet is completely different from the likes of the Calacas scent family. If you are a fan of the Calacas shower gel and the many different Calacas scented bath bombs, then I’d recommend giving the Slammer bath bomb a go if you ever get the chance.

As soon as Slammer touches your bath water it begins to fizzle away. A lot of Lush’s earlier bath bombs weren’t designed to create bath art. They were actually invented by one of the Lush founders as a way to practice aromatherapy at home and for skin soothing purposes. I always keep this in mind when I am using an older style bath bomb. Another example of an older style bath bomb is the Blackberry bath bomb.

Slammer is a very quick dissolver and has fully disappeared in less than 2 minutes. It leaves your bath water an almost neon yellow, fitting right in with its zingy, lemon and lime vibes. Its scent (like the Blackberry bath bomb) is what makes this bath bomb special.

When I shared my photos of the Slammer bath bomb on my Instagram, I mentioned that it was what the Lush community call a ‘sinker’. This means it falls to the bottom of the bath as it dissolves. My favourite thing to do when I have a sinker is lay back and let the bubbles fizzing out of it tickle my back. It’s heavenly.

Overall I have really enjoyed using the Slammer bath bomb, I know it won’t be one of the most popular as the masses now prefer bath bombs that spit out bundles of colour and bath art but if you appreciate it for what it does do, it’s the perfect wake-me-up bath bomb.

I can’t wait to see what other retro Lush products come out in future Lush Kitchen subscription boxes and I’m hopeful that this isn’t the last we see (or should I say sniff) of Slammer scented Lush products!

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