Rose Eye Pads from Lush

After falling in love with Lush’s Cucumber eye pads, I was over the moon to see that yet another type of Eye Pad had been created. The Rose Eye Pads are Sold in packs of 2 and just like the Cucumber ones make at-home, DIY-spa-days quick and easy.

FRESH IS BEST and Lush’s eye pads are all best kept in the fridge until you use them. The Rose eye pads have a very short and simple ingredients list that includes; rose water, fresh aloe gel and carrageenan extract.

To use the Rose eye pads all you have to do is take them out of the fridge, unwrap them from their fully compostable wrapping paper, then place them on each eye for approximately 15 minutes. I often wear them for a lot longer as I just love how soothing they feel after a long day, even more so during this current heat wave!

The Rose eye pads are a pale rosé-red colour and decorated with an imprint of an eye with thick lashes on one side of each.

Rose water has many benefits for your skin and is a fairly gentle ingredient that has both antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. That alongside the aloe gel in the Rose eye pads makes the eye pads super soothing around your eyes. Soothing tired and/or puffy eyes at home has never been so easy.

Used along side a cooling face mask you can’t go wrong no matter the time of year. Some people use the whole of the eye pad at once, covering the whole of their eye with each, while others cut their eye pads in half to spread their use out, placing each half just under the eye instead.

15 minutes with the Rose eye pads on really does make a difference. Once I have taken them off, the eye area feels a lot less tired, I also noticed that the under-eye area appeared somewhat brighter after use too. The puffiness is also slightly reduced but most of all I would say that the Rose eye pads left my eyes feeling refreshed. It’s a hard sensation to describe but the heavy pull of tiredness that your eyes get when you’re in need of a pick-me-up just seems to melt away thanks to these eye pads.

Lush’s eye pads are said to stay fresh for approximately 3 weeks, this time frame can however be stretched somewhat as long as you haven’t handled them without the compostable wrapper too much and (most importantly) have kept them in the fridge.

Would I recommend using them more than once? I want to say no as the eye area is a really delicate part of your body BUT as long as your eye is clean before using it (and you are comfortable using it on yourself again) then I don’t see why not. As I mentioned earlier, cutting them in half is a great way to make the product go further IF you did want to play it safe and use the eye pads just the once.

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