Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt from Lush

Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt

The very first thing I noticed about the Heart of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt had to be its rather long name. For the purpose of this review and to save me from losing my mind, I will furthermore refer to it as just the ‘Heart’. It’s a beautiful name but also a bit of a nightmare at the same time. I don’t think Lush have ever had such a complicated named product.

There’s something about its names length that sets my anxiety off, laughable I know but I just keep thinking ‘there needs to be a comma somewhere?!!’. It’s like a friend who has a double barreled first, middle and last name, quite a mouthful. Moving swiftly back on to an actual review on the product itself, here is the brand new bubble bar and bath melt brought out by Lush, as a part of their 2018 Valentine line…

The Heart bubble bar melt is a reasonably sized bubble bar topped with a light coating of cocoa butter (the melt). It’s big enough to sit snuggly in my hand. To look at it really reminds me of carrot cake, the cocoa butter obviously being the icing. Above is a photograph of a crate of them in my local store, they all have a light dusting of golden lustre, by the time I however got mine home most of my lustre had fallen off as you can see from the photograph below.

The Heart bubble bar melt shares its scent with the Two Hearts Beating as One bath melt that was on sale from Lush this time, last year.  It has a floral-sweet fragrance; Scent wise the ylang ylang, bergamot and rose oils are probably the most noticeable of its ingredients. All of this products ingredients blend perfectly together, if romance had its own scent, I think the Heart bubble bar melts fragrance would be it!

I can get 2 generously bubbled baths out of just the one bubble bar melt. I imagine you could get more than 2 baths out of it if you really wanted, I do feel anything more than 2 wouldn’t give you an experience that shows its true potential though.

Although I find this products bubble-potential a huge selling point, (after all, it is part bubble bar) I find that because of the melt part of the bubble bar, the bubbles don’t hang around as long as I am used to with Lush bubble bars. Within 10 minutes all you are left with is orange water, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but is something I have noticed.

Unlike the bubbles, this products scent stays with you throughout your entire bath, its scent does weaken ever so slightly but it is still present until the last drop of water goes down the plug hole. Considering the Heart is both bubble bar and bath melt, I expected the water to be soft and super hydrating on my skin. By all means it wasn’t at all drying, I just expected it to be slightly more moisturising than it was.

I really hate writing anything negative in my Lush-product-reviews but I have and always will be honest in them. If I declared my undying love for every single Lush product I’d clearly be lying, you simply can’t love everything. I do not dislike this bubble bar melt, it just hasn’t got me all excited in quite the same way as some of the other new Valentine’s products have. I’d have really liked to have seen a bath bomb in this scent, one that resembles a Roller or Over and Over would be a dream come true! Maybe Lush will make one next year… *fingers crossed*.

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