Ostara Bath Bomb from Lush

The Ostara Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2023 Easter line. At approximately 250g each, it’s HUGE. This giant, pink, rabbit-head-shaped bath bomb is big for a reason, inside of it is a hidden vibrant-yellow egg.

The Lush website states that you can either ‘pop it all in the tub to enjoy the colourful bath art or give it a tap to discover the egg inside. I decided to use it whole as I couldn’t bring myself to crack it in half, plus you get crazy-good bath art if you use it whole…

The rabbit-head bath bomb got its name from Germanic folklore. Ostara happens to be the Goddess of Spring. Symbols of Ostara include butterflies, rabbits, and eggs.

The Ostara bath bomb shares its scent with last years (2022) super fruity, Easter product the What’s Up, Doc? shower gel.

Ingredients wise, the Ostara bath bomb contains both bergamot and lime oils and violet leaf absolute. Its scent is deliciously fruity. Primarily it’s meant to be a raspberry scent, but it has several layers to its fragrance.

The more you sniff the more you can make out. Its scent is strong, so much so, I couldn’t keep the bath bomb in my bedroom and only got the bath bomb out when I was ready to use it.

Ostara has an incredibly refreshing, mouth-watering fragrance. It’s the perfect scent for the Springtime, I can see this scent also being popular in the Summertime. I have my fingers crossed that Lush decide to release more products that share its scent in the near future.

As soon as you place the Ostara bath bomb into the water it starts to hiss, a thin pink layer of foam slowly spills out of it as its gorgeously fruity scent takes over your bathroom.

It takes a good 8 minutes before the Ostara bath bombs yellow insides make an appearance. It is at this point that the pink and yellow bath art begins.

The photos I have included in this review of the Ostara bath bomb do it no justice at all, the pretty pink and yellow patterns it created went on and on and on. It took over 15 minutes for the bath bomb to fully dissolve.

The water left behind by the Ostara bath bomb is a warm, welcoming shade of orange. Its powerful scent lasted throughout the whole bath and still lingered in the air long after the last bits of the bath water had gone down the plug hole.

The silky-smooth orange water left behind by this bath bomb are really soothing on your skin too. There is nothing subtle about the Ostara bath bombs scent and it remains on your skin for the rest of the day, long after you have got out of the bath.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Ostara bath bomb. It’s a fantastic addition to the Easter line. I hope Lush bring it back next year. As I also said earlier, I’d love to see more products come out in its scent soon too!

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