One Eskimo Bubble Bar from Lush


When I heard that Lush had released a bubble bar that shared its scent with the Christingle body conditioner I couldn’t help but get excited as in the Summer, Christingle is my go-to-product. Although Christingle is typically sold as a part of Lush’s Winter line, it is perfect to use during the sweltering months of Summer.

The One Eskimo Bubble Bar is currently only available to purchase in a small selection of stores, the below photo was taken at Lush’s flagship store in London, Oxford Street and is also where my current stash of them came from. This gorgeous bubble bar’s scent is identical to the super stimulating Christingle body conditioner and this Summer it has been flying off of the shelves.


The One Eskimo bubble bar contains a long list of menthol-fresh ingredients. Peppermint spearmint and grapefruit oil are blended together to awaken and stimulate your body, this mix is perfect for cooling you down while also refreshing your body, mind and soul.

At first I was unsure about it as, as explained in my Christingle body conditioner review, the body conditioner made me feel so cold after using it, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to use its bubble bar equivalent as it would feel like having a bath full of ice cubes. Although this would be desirable for some with the current Summer heat, just the thought of a bath full of ice cubes is hell on earth for me!


Luckily bathing myself in a One Eskimo bath didn’t leave my skin tingling and icy in the same way as the body conditioner-equivalent does. In fact, I think I favour the One Eskimo over the Christingle body conditioner. I am extremely sensitive to temperature due to suffering with several different medical conditions. This means I can’t always regulate my bodies temperature in the same way as others, additionally if I am too cold it makes my joints hurt and if I am too hot it makes my joints swell up while also causing me to feel nauseated.

A hot One Eskimo bath is the perfect balance for me. The heat of the water relaxes my muscles while the peppermint helps to refresh my skin leaving me cool and refreshed all at the same time. Peppermint is also my go to essential oil if I am ever hit by a wave of nausea. Pushing all of my personal needs aside I can still see this product as being loved and more than useful by many other customers with both the same and different needs from me.


A very small amount of One Eskimo creates mounds and mounds of fluffy white bubbles, it’s a very cost effective bubble bar which is always a product-perk that I enjoy and look out for in Lush. After all, who doesn’t like getting more for their money?

When One Eskimo is used it turns the water underneath the blanket of bubbles a beautiful and bold shade of blue. Products with peppermint in often leave my skin in need of some extra moisture after use, One Eskimo however leaves my skin soft and fabulously well nourished, just a 10 minute soak leaves my skin brighter and so very refreshed.

Rumour has it that the One Eskimo bubble bar will be making its way to all stores and online when the 2017’s Winter line is released. I really hope this is true as I love this bubble bar, it’s a breath of fresh air and is just what Lush needed to add to their ever growing collection of amazing cosmetic products!

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