Sticky Dates Co-Mingle Body Scrub from Lush

Exactly a year after the Co-Mingle body scrub first came out Lush released another just like it, the Sticky Dates Co-Mingle Body Scrub. The Sticky Dates Co-Mingle is a part of Lush’s small but impressive, limited-edition 2023 Eid line. You’ll recognise its scent from last years’ Eid-line-product turned all-year-round item, the Sticky Dates shower gel.

Sticky Dates Co-Mingle is sold in pots of 225g and is described by Lush as a ‘wash, exfoliant and moisturiser all in one.’ After the success of both the original Co-Mingle and Sticky Dates shower gel I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

The Sticky Dates Co-Mingle body scrub is brown, just like the shower gel of the same name. Consistency-wise it’s a little less fluffy than the original Co-Mingle, at the risk of putting people off, I’d describe it as a very watery, chocolate porridge. I admit that on a sensory level, I was wary with its formula at first. It’s not the most pleasant to look at or to get out of the pot BUT once you get to using it how it is intended to be used, all is fine, I promise.

As I said earlier, the Sticky Dates Co-Mingles scent is the same as the Sticky Dates shower gel. Its scent is truly delicious, it smells just like a hot and gooey, sticky toffee pudding with a generous scoop or 2 of vanilla ice cream. Yummy.

One of the things I really love about Lush is the thought that goes into each individual lush product. Lush never just throw random ingredients together. During Eid, dates are quite often the first food to be eaten when breaking fast. Hence the Sticky Dates Co-Mingle body scrub being a part of the Eid line.

Sticky Dates Co-Mingle contains a long list of ingredients, some of those included are, vanilla pod infusion, organic date syrup, orange juice, ground date-stones and almond shells as well as almond, argan and sandalwood oils. The ground date-stones and almond shells are the secret scrubby ingredients that makes the Sticky Dates Co-Mingle such a good exfoliator.

A very small amount of the Sticky Dates Co-Mingle body scrub goes a long way, like the original Co-Mingle I however always overindulge when using it. I scoop out about 3 fingers worth and that easily does my whole body, twice over. Unlike the original Co-Mingle, the Sticky Dates Co-Mingle starts to exfoliate immediately, it lathers up effortlessly and its delicious scent fills your bathroom as it scrubs, washes, and hydrates your skin all in one.

The Sticky Dates Co-Mingle body scrub is just as good as the original Co-Mingle if not better. After using it my skin feels so much softer, appears brighter and is so incredibly hydrated. There really is no need to moisturise after using it. Although, I wouldn’t say no to Lush creating a Sticky Dates body lotion… The Sticky Dates Co-Mingle body scrub also cleans just as good as any shower gel or body wash.

I adore both the Sticky Dates Lush-scent-family and the whole idea behind Co-Mingle body scrubs, I can’t wait to see what Lush create next!

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