Ghost Shower Gel from Lush

The Ghost Shower Gel was on my Lush-must-haves list for a very long time before I finally got my hands on a bottle. It wasn’t on my list for quite as long as the Celebrate shower gel was, it was however on there long enough for me to breathe a sigh of relief once my online order of it had gone through.

The Ghost shower gel has a very gentle scent, on paper it isn’t actually a scent I would naturally gravitate towards as it is primarily floral. Be that as it may, my mind on its scent was soon changed after I had, had a sniff of my friends Moon on a Stick bath bomb, (it shares a scent with the Ghost shower gel). Without further a do, I quickly added everything Ghost scented on to my list of Lush-must-haves.

The Ghost shower gel has a long list of floralesque ingredients; Jasmine, ylang ylang, dove orchid, rose water and one of my favourites neroli. Looking at this long list you’d expect this shower gel to smell like your nan’s handbag, yet it doesn’t. It has a really creamy scent, I have seen some people over Instagram comparing it to Dove soap.

Ghost shower gels consistency reminds me of the So White shower gel. It needs a bit of a shake just before you use it. A lot of Lush’s shower gels need to have this done before use as the fresh ingredients used in them sometimes start to separate, this doesn’t mean that the product is going off it’s just the natural order of things when dealing with such fresh ingredients.

Ghost takes a little longer to lather up than other Lush shower gels, I also find that I need to use a little more of the product than I am used to with this type of Lush product. This is by no means a negative point though as I normally use very little of the shower gels per shower, I’d say a good 80% of Lush shower gels are ones where a little amount goes a long way, even though I am using more of Ghost it still isn’t nearly as much as I’d use from other shower gel brands.

I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and hydrated Ghost shower gel left my skin, I don’t know why but I seem to always convince myself that floral products will dry my skin out. I think the inclusion of rose water in this shower gel has helped a lot when it comes down to your skin. This shower gel would be a great product to use whilst on a sunny holiday as I can imagine it being very soothing on the skin after a day in the sun.

Ghost’s scent stays on your skin for a couple of hours after getting out of the bath/shower. I don’t dislike its scent, I just have other shower gels that I like more such a Hot Toddy, Twilight or Plum Rain. It is however a very good shower gel and it has opened up my senses, I am now eager to step out of my comfort zone and try other floral based products that I have avoided previously.

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