Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb from Lush

Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb.pngThe Geo Phyzz bath bomb was my number one, desperately in search of bath bomb for as long as I can remember. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, it showed up in the Lush Kitchen.

Although the Geo Phyzz bath bomb does not put on a colourful bath-time-show in quite the same way as various other bath bombs do, I still favour it because of its incredible ingredients. Looking very similar to a scoop of mint, chocolate chip ice cream it’s hard to resist.

I searched high and low for Geo Phyzz as I had heard from a reliable source that it is meant to be the holy grail bath bomb for aching muscles. Now I have actually used Geo Phyzz, I can write this review and wholeheartedly confirm that it really is VERY, VERY, good at soothing fatigued and achy muscles.

Geo Phyzz is said to be ‘Phyzz-iotherapy at its best.’ Seeing as I haven’t had the best of history with real life physiotherapists I was quite looking forward to experiencing the bath bomb equivalent. Obviously a bath bomb will never actually replace a physiotherapist but to humour me, let’s just pretend that it can and has…

The one thing I was 100% sure on when I first had the Geo Phyzz bath bomb in my hands was that it wouldn’t spend our whole time together chipping away at what little confidence I had, this was unfortunately the case for me when seeing an actual physio therapist…. Luckily I now have the most wonderful physiotherapist but some in the past, especially the one before the one I have now, have been diabolically awful. Cruel, soul destroying and unhelpful… I am so, so grateful for my latest physio therapist but even more grateful for Lush’s Geo Phyzz, if more physiotherapists were like the Geo Phyzz bath bomb I think the physio therapy world would be a much happier place! 😉

Geo Phyzz has a very earthy, moss-like and pine wood forest scent. Back when I first got into Lush it took me quite a while to appreciate products with a scent like this. I used to always go for the citrus based products leaving anything a little mossy or different in the shadows. Since my sense of smell has however somewhat matured, I now find myself craving the earthy products just as much as I ever have the alternatives.


Geo Phyzz has a long list of soothing and natural ingredients. Course sea and red Hawaiian salts help to cleanse, relax and soften your tired body. As for the oak-moss, pine, sandalwood and cypress oils, they give off a woody aroma grounding you to the here and now. Geo Phyzz is the perfect bath time buddy if you’re in need of recharging your batteries. Its refreshing and gentle scent leaves you calm and content, lulling your mind into a complete state of relaxation.

I always try and grab as many Geo Phyzz’s as I can when they come into the Lush Kitchen, for people like me that suffer with chronic, widespread pain there is no other bath bomb quite like it. Bathing myself in it literally makes my aches, pains and worries feel like a distant memory.


The closest alternative product to Geo Phyzz that is readily available is probably the Big Blue Bath Bomb, although it is no where near as magical on the muscles.

As I said above, Geo Phyzz isn’t as pretty to watch fizz away as other bath bombs but sometimes it’s what is inside that counts the most.

A Geo Phyzz bath is a truly pleasant bathing experience, my muscles are never happier than when I’m sharing a bath with the Geo Phyzz bath bomb!

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Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 2nd of May 2016. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge. – Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time