Floating Love Island Bath Oil from Lush

The Floating Love Island Bath Oil is brand new to Lush and a standout product from their 2023 Valentine’s Day line.

Shape wise, it’s not dissimilar to an upside-down cupcake case. It has scalloped edges, is bright pink, shimmery and has a raised heart on its top.

Floating Love Island contains a long list of ingredients some of those included are rose, jasmine, and vanilla absolutes and almond, lemongrass and Ylang Ylang oils. With it being a bath oil it of course also has plenty of organic cocoa butter in it too.

The Floating Love Island bath oil shares its scent with the Keep it Fluffy shower gel, its scent is best described as a powdery vanilla with hints of lemongrass. The ylang ylang within it also adds a floral element to it. It’s a super fun, oh-so-glamorous fragrance.

Apart from its colour and good looks, the first thing I noticed about the Floating Love Island bath oil was how big it was. In this review I’ve included a photo of it in my hand just so that you can truly gage its size. It’s HUGE for a bath oil!

As soon as the bath oil touches the water, pink specs start to sizzle out of it just like it would if it was a bath bomb. Slowly more and more pink fizzes out of it until the water becomes so pink that you can no longer see the bottom of your bath.

It wasn’t until I had actually used this bath oil that I realised it was less bath oil and more bath bomb.

The fact that the Floating Love Island bath oil is more of a bath bomb than a bath oil made me feel a lot better about using it whole. I very almost cut it up, scared that it would be way too oily for one bath due to its size. I was wrong.

At the risk of sounding like a parrot, if I hadn’t been told that Floating Love Island was a bath oil, I’d have put money on it being a bath bomb.

I’m really clumsy and have a joint condition so am always wary when it comes down to the oilier Lush products, Floating Love Island was however perfect. Oily enough to leave my skin feeling moisturised but not oily enough to make it a slip risk in the bath tub.

The really good news is that Lush are soon, going to release several ‘Lush Melts’. Unlike the Floating Love Island bath oil these new Lush Melts can be used in the bath as an oil or in a wax burner. Keep your eyes peeled on here and on my Instagram for more information on them when they are finally released.

Overall, I really liked the Floating Love Island bath oil, I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. It feels fabulous on the skin and its scent lasted right through the day.

I might go as far as to say that Floating Love Island was my favourite product from this year’s Valentine’s Day line. I hope it makes a return next year.

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