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The Ghost Shower Jelly has a very gentle scent, on paper it isn’t actually a scent I would naturally gravitate towards as it is primarily floral. Be that as it may, my mind on its scent was soon changed after I had experienced a bottle of Ghost shower gel.

The Ghost shower jelly has a long list of floralesque ingredients; Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, dove orchid infusion and one of my favourite essential oils, neroli. Looking at this long list you’d expect this shower jelly to smell like an old ladies hand bag, yet it doesn’t. It has a really creamy and fresh scent. Reminiscent of clean laundry.

The Ghost shower jelly isn’t as robust as others I have tried, it lathers up fairly quickly but the jelly doesn’t seem to stay intact for very long. It falls apart after just one use. There are so many ways to use a shower jelly, I prefer to use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap, whole. Some people however chop their shower jellies up using a few pieces at a time. Although it’s not my favourite way of using a shower jelly I think chopping it up into smaller pieces is most probably the best method when it comes to using this shower jelly.

I’m not sure what it is that makes its consistency that little bit weaker than other shower jellies, it being chopped up is however a perfect solution to stopping any of it from being wasted from falling apart and down the drain.

After using Ghost in the shower or bath its scent stays on my skin for a good 3 to 4 hours after getting out. It does however leave my skin quite dry meaning I have to moisturise fairly soon after drying off, seeing as there isn’t a Ghost scented body lotion unfortunately this takes away from its scent.

I do not dislike its scent, I just favour the fruitier scented products. It is however a very good shower jelly when it comes down to getting a quick and good lather which is strangely the opposite of its shower gel equivalent.

My use of the Ghost shower jelly and gel has opened up my senses, I am now more willing to step out of my comfort zone scent wise, previously I have avoided trying other floral based products but since trying Ghost I have found that I actually enjoy using other floral based scented products such as the Sacred Lotus and Sakura bath bombs.

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