All That Jas Bath Bomb from Lush

My favourite thing about the Lush Kitchen is that it gives long-time Lush customers the chance to try long-forgotten, discontinued products from Lush’s past. The All That Jas Bath Bomb is one of Lush’s older, original bath bombs and one I adore with all my heart.

I was therefore over the moon to see that the All That Jas bath bomb had finally made it into a Lush Kitchen Subscription box back in the August of last year (2022).

The All That Jas bath bomb shares its scent with several beautiful Lush products, the most popular and currently available being the Silky Underwear dusting powder. Other older products that share its same scent are the Mistletoe bath bomb and Fairy Ring soap.

The All That Jas bath bomb isn’t as eye catching as some of Lush’s most recently released bath bombs, it’s a simple, pastel green bath bomb decorated with a single white sugar-flower. The fact that All That Jas is so plain is not a negative at all, when it comes down to Lush, it’s quite often the case that less is more.

All That Jas is the standard shaped bath bomb fitting snuggly in my hand. It contains both vetivert and ylang ylang oils and as the bath bombs name suggests, jasmine absolute. Jasmine on its own isn’t one of my favourite scents, I’d go as far as to say that I am a little repulsed by it in products such as the Fox bath bomb.

Fortunately, the addition of vetivert and ylang ylang oils blended with the jasmine absolute rounds the jasmine off enough for me to really enjoy the musky, powdery-sweet, All That Jas fragrance.

As soon as the All That Jas bath bomb encounters your bath water it begins to gently hiss. Tiny, powdery-green bubbles fizz out of the All That Jas bath bomb as it bobs about your bath, floating and spinning away.

The All That Jas bath bomb isn’t the boldest of greens, the water is only slightly tinted with a powdery green colour after using it. Some bath bomb colours are so strong, that once it has all dissolved you can’t see your hand when you place it under the water. The All That Jas bath bomb isn’t highly pigmented though, it’d be a good choice of bath bomb to use if you’re wary of too much colour in your bathtub.

The white sugar-flower dissolves away at the same rate as the All That Jas bath bomb. The bath bomb is a very quick dissolver; Fully dissolving in just over 2 minutes.

The scent is prominent throughout your bath and lingers in your bathroom once it’s gone down the plug hole too. A soak in its waters leaves your skin soft and perfectly hydrated, the gentle All That Jas scent stays on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day too.

Overall, I am a huge fan of the All That Jas bath bomb, it’s simple but effective, AND ALL THAT JAZZ! I’d love to see Lush bring this Lush-scent-family back to life in future new products.

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