Violet Cream Bubble Bar from Lush

The Violet Cream Bubble Bar is 1 of 2 limited edition flower-shaped-bubble-bars from 2021’s Mother’s Day line. When my Mother’s Day order first arrived, before I’d even had a chance to scoop out the packing peanuts the Violet Cream bubble bar was the first product my nose picked up on.

Sharing its scent with Lush’s much-loved Daddy-O shampoo, I knew immediately that Violet Cream would sell well. SPOILER ALERT, if you like Parma Violet sweets, then Violet Cream really is the bubble bar for you!

The Violet Cream bubble bar is around the same size at the Peachy bath bomb. It is just the right size to fit snuggly in to your hand. While it’s not as big as the likes of the Brightside bubble bar it’s definitely substantial enough to be spread out over 2 baths.

The Violet Cream bubble bar is a bright and beautiful shade of purple. As well as its striking colour, Violet Cream is decorated with a sprinkling of plastic-free-natural shimmer which is very similar to the shimmer used to decorate the Melusine bath bomb. To finish off its flower-look, a single yellow tapioca pearl is placed in its middle, surrounded by its petals.

As I said earlier, if you like Parma Violet sweets Violet Cream is well worth trying. Containing both violet leaf and rose absolute, Violet Creams scent is one of the most inviting and uplifting fragrances available in this year’s Mother’s Day selection.

For violet coloured water and plenty of fluffy white bubbles simply crumble the Violet Cream bubble bar under the tap as your bath fills up. It wasn’t until I broke the Violet Cream bubble bar up that I realised how it got its name. Inside the Violet-flower-shaped bubble bar is its ‘cream’.

When I first see the ‘cream’ inside of it, I thought it was the same as the substance that holds a Lush bubbleroon together, the cream in this bubble bar is however a little different. It’s a really soft and workable cake/biscuit like icing.

When crumbling the ‘cream’ part under the running tap it was a lot more robust than the bubble bar part, taking a lot longer to break up.

I did find that it took a little more effort to make bubbles with the Violet Cream bubble bar than normal, whether this was something to do with the ‘cream’ part I’m not sure but other than that I can’t fault it. The water was luxuriously soft and it left my skin feeling even softer. I really enjoyed using Violet Cream and have ordered a few more as the scent really is to die for.

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