Lemon Butterfly Bath Bomb from Lush

Lemon Butterfly Bath Bomb

The Lemon Butterfly Bath Bomb is 1 of 3 butterfly shaped bath bombs from Lush’s 2019 Mother’s day line. The carefully crafted, butterfly shaped bath bombs are far from the likes of the standard round ones such as the Big Blue and Sakura bath bombs.

With the use of 3D printers, Lush have been experimenting with their bath-bomb-moulds, trying out lots of different and super-intricate designs. Through the use of these 3D printers Lush created the beautiful Butterfly bath bombs.


The butterfly bath bombs have proven very popular because of their beautiful and clever design, Lush were very wise when they made the decision to make and release 4 different butterfly bath bombs. (I’ll talk about the 4th butterfly bath bomb that isn’t a part of the Mothers day line in its own review very soon.)

The Lemon Butterfly bath bombs ingredients are all things zingy; Containing both Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange its yet another zesty-sweet, citrus scented bath bomb, perfect for awakening your senses!

As soon as the Lemon Butterfly bath bomb touches the water an array of green and yellow foam bursts out of it. A thin layer of colourful, silky soft foam slowly spreads across the waters surface as it slowly bubbles away.

As the Lemon Butterfly bath bomb charges around the bath it creates the most beautiful green and yellow bath art as seen in the photos below. For its size the Lemon Butterfly bath bomb is quite the slow fizzer, ensuring you stay in the bath for that little bit longer soaking up all of its goodness.

As the Lemon Butterfly bath bomb dissolves, it slowly turns your bath water a neon green colour. The shade of green makes the water left behind by the Avobath bath bomb seem boring and pasty…

A good soak in a Lemon Butterfly bath leaves your skin brighter and super-refreshed. Its scent although subtle stays on your skin long after you have got out of your bath tub.

Overall I am very impressed with the Lemon Butterfly bath bomb. Unfortunately for me the UK’s Mother’s Day has been and gone but I know some other countries still haven’t had their Mother’s Day yet.

Please make sure that you try this bath bomb at least once while you/if you still can, alongside the other 2 Mother’s Day butterfly bath bombs, Wild Butterfly and Rose Butterfly it really is a fantastic addition to the Mother’s Day 2019 line, as well as a product that I hope to see it again next year!

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