Seven Deadly Spins Bubble Spinner from Lush

Seven Deadly Spins Bubble Spinner

The Seven Deadly Spins Bubble Spinner is yet another brand new release that was a part of Lush’s Easter 2018 line. When Lush first released the bubble bar equivalent of a fidget spinner I honestly had no idea what a fidget spinner was, I’m so uncool and proud… I have since learnt that a fidget spinner is a small toy comprising of two or three prongs arranged around a central bearing. They are designed to be spun by the fingers as a means of improving concentration and a reliever of stress.

The bubble bar equivalents of a fidget spinner, (like Seven Deadly Spins) do not work in quite the same way as the toy fidget spinners – (the water from the tap is what essentially makes the bubble spinner, spin). Getting in on the fidget spinner craze is a very clever move on Lush’s part, their original creation of a Bubble Spinner has sold very well and continues to do so.

Although I’ve seen quite a few people online getting a little bored of this new type of ‘novelty’ product. (Lush just won’t stop making new bubble spinners!) I can see how popular they are with the younger Lushie’s so understand why Lush keep making more.

I believe the Seven Deadly Spins bubble spinner to be the first of the bubble spinners to have just 2 prongs. Any Harry Potter fan will of course notice that Seven Deadly Spins beckons a huge resemblance to the mighty, wizarding worlds football equivalent, Quidditch’s golden snitch.

Jam packed with a bunch of uplifting ingredients such as bergamot oil and benzoin resinoid the Seven Deadly Spins bubble spinner has a citrus-fruit, vanilla mix scent. These ingredients have been blended together to create a bubble bath that not only uplifts your spirit but also brightens the skin and helps lull you into a calm, super zingy and totally refreshed frame of mind. Its scent reminds me of the Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb but a lot more subtle.

When the Seven Deadly Spins bubble spinner is held under running tap water, its scent doesn’t become any stronger, for me this was a little disappointing but not everyone is into strong citrus scents like me, therefore this could work very well for someone else.

As Seven Deadly Spins is run under the tap copious amounts of bubbles begin to form, the water also becomes an unusually bright, neon-yellow. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THE WATERS COLOUR TO BE SO UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL! it was almost impossible to take a photo of its true colour, you have to try it to believe it. None of the photographs that I took do it any justice at all.

Bubble wise I wasn’t blown away with Seven Deadly Spins, although the bubbles were thick and fluffy when the bath was first ran, they didn’t last very long. The colour it changed the water however well made up for the lack of bubble-staying-power.

Although Seven Deadly Spins (in my personal opinion) isn’t the best bubble spinner Lush have released thus far, it is a product that’s scent isn’t at all overpowering so for those people that tend to reach out for the products that are more delicate on the nose such as the Sakura bath bomb, this could be the right bubble bar for you. The colour it turns your bath water was what won Seven Deadly Spins over for me though, that and the Harry Potter reference! Seven Deadly Spins is well worth a try.


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Author: Lulu

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