Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon from Lush

Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon

The Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon shares its scent with the much loved and recently retired Lush product, the Fizzbanger bath bomb. Every year Lush have to discontinue a certain amount of products to make way for new ones. As sad as it is to see some of your favourite products go, updating the product line with new products to try, keeps things fresh and interesting. When I heard that this new bubble bar shared its scent with Fizzbanger I couldn’t wait to buy one.

You wouldn’t be frowned upon for mistaking the Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon for a previous Valentine’s product. Looks wise it is very similar to another heart shaped bubbleroon called Heart Throb. Looks is however all it has in common, both are surprisingly different, especially when it comes down to scent.

Whole Lotta Love’s ingredients and scent is a feast for your nose as well as your skin. It contains bergamot and lemongrass oil as well as jasmine, rose and ylang ylang absolute. Whole Lotta Love’s scent is often described by people not so familiar with it as a citrus lemon scent, I can see why people immediately pick up on the lemongrass but if you take a second to really take in its scent you realise there is so much more to it than just lemon. The scents I always pick up from this bubbleroon reminds me of warm apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

The Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon consists of 2 heart shaped bubble bars stuck together just like a macaroon, its filling and binding-together-ingredient being yellow shea butter. This is how the bubbleroons got their ‘macaroon’  inspired names, they work no different from a standard bubble bar, they are just designed with macaroons in mind. The shea butter that sandwiches both of the heart shaped bubble bars together is (once set) decorated with a tiny paint brush like tool with finishing touches of golden lustre.

Copious amounts of bubbles can be made with just 1 half of this bubbleroon. It turns the bath water a beautiful, creamy shade of red, it is a very romantic bath time treat to say the least. Its scent lasts throughout the bath and also stays on your skin for several hours after getting out of the bath too. The shea butter in it also doesn’t go unnoticed. It adds a softness to the bath water that leaves your skin refreshed, hydrated and bright. In comparison to the Heart Throb bubbleroon, the Whole Lotta Love blows Heart Throb out of the water, or should I say, bath.

Since the discontinuation of the Fizzbanger bath bomb I know a lot of people have missed it, the Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon has definitely helped with the loss of such a high profile, Lush favourite. After a long hot soak in a Whole Lotta Love bath, I like to carry on its amazing scent by spritzing myself with some Love body spray. Which along with the Fizzbanger bath bomb also shares its heart-warming fragrance. I love that Lush allow us to explore the same scents through different formats of products, I still think that Fizzbanger is my favourite product created in its scent but Whole Lotta Love is a close second!

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Author: Lulu

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